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Yuna´s Wish 20-02-07 18:11


Originally Posted by RAID (Post 1590695)

I never use Items either in any FF, so odds are I won't use any in this one.

Say, I was just thinking, can you set a character on a default/permanent category?

EX: Battle Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, etc...?

No, you can´t. You "buy" the licenses for your characters...one of the first licenses to be learned is "Cure". That doesn´t mean you´re a white mage, but someone who knows white magic. Only you can say, this character will act as the white mage...there´s no vivi or garnet in this game :)

RAID 20-02-07 18:12

Oh bugger. Oh well, I'll have to make them myself in that case ;)

TR FAN 18 21-02-07 06:43

My order for FF12 was posted yesterday! :D
Should be getting it in about 3-5 days! :jmp:

kryptonite23 21-02-07 08:54

I love the series of Final Fantasy but I don`t like to play it.

Trigger_happy 21-02-07 16:38


Originally Posted by kryptonite23 (Post 1592279)
I love the series of Final Fantasy but I don`t like to play it.

Why's that? I tend to dip in and out of FF, as it is very time consuming.

RAID 21-02-07 16:41

Anyone received 12 from PLAY yet? I'm guessing mine will arrive sometime next week...so close yet so far away...

Megalith 21-02-07 18:03

**first impressions/spoilers(maybe)**
Ok,the game so far is awesome!!I haven't been able to play as much as i want to (i have just finished the Rogue Tomato hunt) but i hope that i'll catch up on weekend!:)
But so far the game feels and looks great.The story up to this point is very intrigueing,the graphics are amazing (to say the least),the battle system feels a little strange (but i'm geting used to it),and the license board i think is a great system that offers absolute freedom to customize the character to your likings (a little confusing at first though).
What really impressed me so far,is the sheer size of the city of Rabanastre!I mean this town is HUGE and full of people to interact with!If the other towns in the game are like this one,well...wow!

Fraaadrik 21-02-07 18:43

I just got FF12 :D:D:D:D It has been in my mail box all day and I didn't notice it until now zomg :(

zizou 21-02-07 18:49

Tomorrow , I will go to buy FFXII ! :jmp: :jmp: :tea: :ton:

RAID 21-02-07 19:23

Have fun all Europeans and future FF12 owners. After 4 years of waiting, we deserve it. I hope mine doesn't take very long to arrive. Nut with my luck...:/

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