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Yuna´s Wish 10-03-21 01:05

In my case it's XIV >>>>>> VIII/IX > X > XIII > VII Remake > XII > VI > World of FF > XV > VII > I.

Of course, I haven't included the ones I haven't played. And the sequels to X and XIII (and I've played the three of them)...well, I think of them as part of their respective main entries for ranking purposes.

I hope XVI manages to top several of those I named.

DragonSlayer 10-03-21 02:10


Originally Posted by Lord Lulu (Post 8284567)
In full agreement with the FF12 characters. Balthier and Fran are the most interesting characters from the game. Vaan and Penelo never seemed to do much.

FFX and FF7 are my favorites. Final Fantasy 10 was my first into the series. Only got to play FF7 many years later. The original still holds up today. Final Fantasy 10-2 I have mixed feelings for. It's a good enough game but the dressphere system makes it strange for me. Like a game I shouldn't play in front of others. Also, would have liked Rikku as the main more than Yuna.

The only others I played are FF12 and 13 but never finished them. After a time FF12 felt a little tedious in the combat system. While FF13 was just dull. I don't mind reading some codex entries but they way they did it made it feel like reading a novel just to understand the story.

Balthier and Fran are the only characters I liked in FF12 I don't remember much about Penelo other than liking her more than Vaan, Vaan can go jump off a cliff as long as I'm waiting at the bottom of the cliff to see him go splat when he hits the ground alternatively I could throw him into a tank filled with Piranhas death by Piranha would probably be more fun in Vaan's case, the only part of the game I remember playing as him was when he had to run around repeatedly saying I'm Captain Basch Von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca for story related reasons that I can't remember anyway that part was do boring from what little I remember of it I think that the objective was to max out a notoriety bar or something to move the story forward.

If only it was possible to Basch Vaan over the head after playing that part of the game much like Commander Sheppard punching the reporter in Mass Effect.

Also the plot twist with Basch was so obvious I could see it coming long before it was confirmed that Basch had a twin brother.

I can't take Vaan seriously as a main character and there is no way he would ever be taken seriously as a Sky Pirate, Vaan fancies himself as the next Han Solo never going to happen.

I have FF12 for PS4 which I may never get around to playing due to my backlog I only bought it for the steelbook it didn't cost much 10 or 12 euro maybe 14 euro I forget what it cost, I like to collect steelbooks do you? There are some great steelbooks worth collecting unfortunately there are some terrible steelbooks too.

If only it was possible on the PS4 version to swap the main character from Vaan to Balthier, having the option to do so would make playing the game much better than being forced to play as the worst main character in a FF game.

I never played the FF13 Trilogy as I heard it was very boring I did like the design of Lightning and her sword but that's it and having to read a codex to understand the story sounds boring that said reading the codex entries in each of the Mass Effect Trilogy games was one of the things I liked about the Mass Effect Trilogy as I remembered to mute the game first, the voice was very distracting when trying to read a codex entry.

DragonSlayer 15-03-21 18:25

:hea: I came very :cen: close to getting past the pro level of pull-ups the only reason I lost was because the timer ran out I only needed one more point and would have gotten it if I'd been able to rapidly press the glowing button.

I got my highest score yet on pull-ups 44 annoyingly Jules scored the exact same as me, when it happens that there is a tie it should go to sudden death until there is a winner.

Jules is so :cen: fast that even though I press the buttons just as fast and sometimes faster he still beats me even if he makes a mistake and falls off he rapidly catches up to me.

He shouldn't be allowed to get back up as fast as he does when he falls especially when Tifa takes a lot longer to get up when she falls.

Almost beating him makes me more determined than ever to beat him I don't care if it takes 10 years I'm going to beat him, it took me more than 6 months to get past the Collector ship mission in Mass Effect 2 on insanity difficulty if I can do that I can beat Jules.

Lord Lulu 17-03-21 12:47


Originally Posted by DragonSlayer (Post 8285687)
Almost beating him makes me more determined than ever to beat him I don't care if it takes 10 years I'm going to beat him, it took me more than 6 months to get past the Collector ship mission in Mass Effect 2 on insanity difficulty if I can do that I can beat Jules.

So they made a simple mini game that hard? That sounds a lot like padding. Just hang in there. I'm sure you will get it.

Though I must say my interest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is having it's ups and downs. I think they made a colossal mistake in making it episodic. Not to mention not making the character outfits more true to the original.

Greenapple968 07-05-21 22:44

People must be so engrossed with Resident Evil Village that they've forgotten that Final Fantasy exists. :cln:

How about I resuscitate the thread with Lulu's theme music:

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