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dcw123 04-11-19 16:37

^ Thats the internet for you hehee

But in all seriousness, how stupid can people be, I mean really.... :ton:

Not gonna lie I struggled through 2 levels so far and am on my third.
All Roads Lead to Rome, loving the TRC feeling and atmosphere.
Some triggers could have had a little more cameras or 'signs' of what has happened - so we don't run around like a headless chicken (which is what I currently am doing)

I'm gonna double check I haven't missed a switch or something important.
I got the crowbar and reached the roof of the 'warehouse' and got my first medal..
Put in into the slot - but not sure what to do next.. done most things in the key main areas.. hmmm

Topixtor 04-11-19 18:36

Check the outside room before the small closet where you found the crowbar :)

Ruu11 04-11-19 21:09


A MASTERPIECE. Congrats, LoreRaider!! Another talented TRLE builder... amazing work here in this level. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
The final part was SO creepy, I love it fdhshfsds was this somehow an interpretation of what TR3 beta Peru level was supossed to be???

Now I need a 3rd Classic TRLE for getting my votes, but I have no idea wich one choose/play now. Sugestions?

Tomb Raidering 04-11-19 21:13

Try all roads lead to Rome or The Russian Base... ^.^

Reggie 04-11-19 21:42


Originally Posted by Ruu11 (Post 8148149)
Was this somehow an interpretation of what TR3 beta Peru level was supossed to be???

That would be my CaC level. :vlol:

Lore was inspired by beta South Pacific such as the staircase and the fire breathing heads.

OverRaider 04-11-19 21:45

Finished Puna's Revenge by LoreRaider


This is how I would rate this game:

Gameplay & puzzles: 9
Enemies objects & secrets: 9
Atmosphere sound & cameras: 10
Lighting & textures: 10

Score: 9.50

Incredibly well made level which dragged me in and made me occupied for quite some time as it surely is a long level. The gameplay here is really entertaining with various tasks to do and traps to avoid, a few nice puzzles and a lot lot lot of exploration. Even platforming, especially the one above the mud was well designed and you must think before you do a jump, not to mention a great finale with boss fight. All this in a stunningly beautiful areas, full of attention to details often enriched with great effects never seen before like moving leaves on palm trees. The initial area is so beautiful that I barely wanted to leave it, I just standed there for a while and relaxed a bit while looking all around the beach and admiring the atmosphere. It is always a pleasure to explore such eyecandy looking levels and enjoying every moment of it, however I think that there could have been done more to some big areas in terms of gameplay. I find the secrets rather sneakily than creatively hidden, some of them are nice though. Did not find them all on first playthrough but it will be a pleasure to replay this level to find them all. Soundtracks are perfectly fitting to every situation as are the background sound effects but I think there could have been done even more to it like more warning audios before approaching traps or some welcoming soundtracks for new areas, but the whole atmosphere works so well here that I could not take off any point from it. This author will bring a great masterpiece to the trle world one day, which will belong amongst the best of them...

Next level: Lost Library by dcw123

Baslakor 04-11-19 21:56


Originally Posted by noonbob (Post 8147253)
I'm STUCK! I have 2 of the scar thingies but I am having difficulty in finding how I get to the other side now?
I think I have to get that metal gate open which is up those steps to get to higher ground to cross to the other side.

Yes! You need to open the gate. -> However, to do so you first need the key on the other side of the waterfall, to open a door nearby. :)


Originally Posted by klona (Post 8147184)
Me too.

I got all three scarabs and got stuck. I don't know how to leave the area with (spoiler)

Go to the main gate and open it. -> You're now in the room with the uzi. If the door is closed, check the pushblock.

Thanks for playing and glad you like it!!

klona 04-11-19 22:56


Originally Posted by Baslakor (Post 8148191)
Go to the main gate and open it. -> You're now in the room with the uzi. If the door is closed, check the pushblock.

Thanks for playing and glad you like it!!

I don't see any uzi in this room...

Baslakor 04-11-19 23:12

Hostile Waters, SrDanielPonces

Really, really wanted to beta-test this level just to get a early preview! The Maria Doria levels were always my favorite in TR2, but since a recent replay I noticed they never really reached their full potential. Gameplay felt blend andwas just shooting baddies who for some reason were everywhere.

Daniel however really manages to capture the isolated feel of an underwater wreck as the bad guys are only introduced halfway (and wear scuba-suits, which makes sense). Great puzzles, gameplay, new items and fantastic animations! Must-play!

Puna’s Revenge, LoreRaider

I seriously love this level! Their vivid colors, the ambiance, the lightning, the original puzzles, timed runs, just everything! Could go on, but don't want to give any readers the impression the author bribed me. Will probably end up in the hall-of-fame soon.

Lost Library, dcw123

This one wins the nostalgia cake! I remember getting the Lost Library demo game on a cd's that come with those pc-gamer magazines. That level really got me hyped for TR4! Although TR4 was never my favorite, that level had real nostalgic value! Dcw123 really captured the atmosphere of the Lost Library and the textures and lightning is just perfect (even vastly improved from the original).

Did have some sound issues, but I know how horrible it can be to fix those! Only serious complain it's just too short! The level was great and I wouldn't have mind to wonder around the level for another hour or two!

Legacy of the Scion, Baslakor

A true piece of art! The author has reached a state of absolute perfection on par (though never surpassed) with the old Renaissance artists. Clearly this author talents are only equaled by his dazzlingly good looks and you should definitely play this level! (Might be biased though).

Baslakor 04-11-19 23:25


Originally Posted by klona (Post 8148238)
I don't see any uzi in this room...

Ok, this is an issue. That pushing block should not be there anymore!
How did you get on top of the main room??

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