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Baslakor 05-11-19 18:37


Originally Posted by dcw123 (Post 8148691)
Woah.. OK guys this was not my intention to start an issue...
My beef was with OverRaider and their, quite frankly, BS review (to be so blunt)

Everyone has done a wonderful job and EVERY builder should be proud of what they have achieved.. no matter your skill set

Most people (I assume) have jobs to work and lives to live outside TRLE - most of my time was taken up at work so... go figure.

Your level was extremely short and it was over before I realized it. Which really sucks, because from all the levels I've see so far yours was closest to the original while still improving so many things. Yes, it was a simple raid (I'm a casual, so like that), but it played smooth and was enjoyable. I would love to see you expend this level in the future! I think it has lots of potential!

Mulf 05-11-19 18:45


Originally Posted by piano_raider (Post 8148886)
I wanted to share a screenshot, but it doesn´t work for me yet...

I've posted one in the Stuck thread over at trle.net: http://forum.trle.net/viewtopic.php?p=786187#p786187

However, as you indicate yourself: even if a player manages to identify the hint, it only gives broad general directions. I found there's still quite a bit of trial and error involved before you can make it across successfully.

Regarding the gameplay issues that your level suffers from, in private conversation I found some rather harsh words to describe them. :) My review will be somewhat toned down by comparison (if and when I get round to finishing the level, that is), but not that much. I hope it'll register as a 'positive learning experience' with you. :tea:

piano_raider 05-11-19 18:57

I can deal with it :)

CheshireBitch 05-11-19 19:27

Playing Dinne's level right now, it's really good so far, I love it !

noonbob 05-11-19 20:11

Finished 'Legacy Of The Scion' at last. Baslakor you have done an outstanding job.
It gave me everything I want back in TR and everything I would expect from classic TR and more. Great work :tmb:

dinne 05-11-19 20:18


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8148941)
Playing Dinne's level right now, it's really good so far, I love it !

Thank yoouuu I'm going in order, but I'm going to play them all, so also yours. :D

Baslakor 05-11-19 20:27


Originally Posted by noonbob (Post 8148995)
Finished 'Legacy Of The Scion' at last. Baslakor you have done an outstanding job.
It gave me everything I want back in TR and everything I would expect from classic TR and more. Great work :tmb:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :jmp:

Talos Munera 05-11-19 20:58

I finished Lost Library and loved it, and now I'm starting Hostile Waters... just WOW. Simply Amazing. I always wanted to see the cabins and the "living quarters" of the Maria Doria, and finally we are there! I'm adoring it (I love wrecks ahahah). Thank you!!

OverRaider 06-11-19 00:08

Finished Sleeping with the Fishes by tombraiderxii


Gameplay & puzzles: 8
Enemies objects & secrets: 9
Atmosphere sound & cameras: 9
Lighting & textures: 9

Score: 8.75

Another really well made level situated in and around the submarines and underwater research centers. The atmosphere works pretty well here with all those water reflection effects everywhere in the interiors with proper background sound effects and rather well chosen soundtracks for necessary situations. There are windows all around so that we can see what we are about to explore in the underwater caves not to mention those lurking and hungry sharks eagerly waiting for fresh meat hovewer those poor big fishes have no idea who they are messing with though, they could rather hide somewhere while they can. Lara must hovewer prepare herself for the proper undewater exploration by obtaining aqua lung item which will grant her the air so that we don't need to worry about searching for surfaces to take breaths so that the exploration becomes enjoyable. Although I found the gameplay in this level quite entertaining even some nicely designed timed runs, especially the timed run for the secret was quite tough one, or puzzles with switches, there were times, when it became a hunt for the switches and puzzle items especially in the underwater caves which was a bit disappointment as I was rather expecting to discover something mysterious. But even that place has its moments especially secret at bedroom area is a must see. I missed one secret though but will gladly replay this level to find it. I loved all the enemies here especially in the underwater areas but some of them in the interiors were shooting from behind the fence at Lara while she could not shoot at them back as the collision of the fences blocked the ammos. This was a bit unfair. Nonetheless I enjoyed challenges in this level and admired the atmosphere all throughout the whole level. Great piece of work!

Next level: Monastery of Talion by Phryne Croft

Stryke 06-11-19 04:46

@tombraiderxii I agree with TombTitan it does seem some levels were build beforehand. It's actually kinda obvious.

I bring this up because maybe next time there is a great competition, there should be a rule on time frame for creating a level. I think that would be more fair across the board. And this is not to take away anyone's skills and talents.

Anyway, great competition. Good luck to everyone! I loving the love for Rome and a new Russian level!

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