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Alex Fly 08-11-16 12:24


Originally Posted by XProger (Post 7678458)
Currently I'm in process of adding support for weapons.
At this point you can shoot forward (without aiming) for all kinds of TR1 weapons (pistols, shotgun, magnums, uzis), switching them by keys 1-4 and draw/hide by Q or Alt.

The graphics are amazing. :)

Those glitches look hilarious ! :vlol:

zackboy 11-11-16 01:08

Already an update? Cool! :D
There is a small problem with the gamepad gameplay:
-Camera on Left stick instead of right
-Walk on LB/L1 instead of RB/R1

I have a suggestion that might be interesting, But that may distort the game experience.
Why not set on the Left stick modern moves (an 2D gameplay like AOD, Legend...):
- UP = Up, LEFT = Left, RIGHT = Right, Down = Down...
- Disable lateral jump
and on the D-pad + zqsd/wasd it stays Classic (the 3D gameplay form TR1-5):
- UP = Forward, LEFT = Turn Left, RIGHT = Turn Right, DOWN = Backward...
- Enable lateral jump

Excuse me for thinking on the forum.. :p

XProger 15-11-16 01:18

Last week was lot's of challenges but I finally implemented targeting and for now Lara can automatically aim at enemy. Buggy camera spoils the impression but soon it'll be fixed. Next big thing to make enemies alive 8)

Boobandie 15-11-16 08:46

Want to put in the planned multi-target aiming?

XProger 15-11-16 09:47


Originally Posted by Boobandie (Post 7681432)
Want to put in the planned multi-target aiming?

Of course I want. Pre-alpha version of original TR1 (that was shown to Eidos) had multi-targeting but never release it. I think it's because this feature produces many controversial cases for game mechanics.

Boobandie 15-11-16 09:50

I dont think the targeting in that alpha video was actually multi targeting. More an unfinished version of the current one. Just when the target moves to the side the unused gun didnt retract to being held upwards.

Still Core had it in TRAE so it would be cool to include.

XProger 15-11-16 10:34

Boobandie, wow, thanks!

dcw123 15-11-16 10:46

Looks really cool.. the only thing that is different is the camera at the moment.. it needs to be a lot closer to Lara.
Would there be a way of also making her ''lean'' when she turns while running (like in the original TRs)

I noticed with this and similar modern engine projects, characters turn without pivoting and they often turn too quickly.. giving the impression they are floating.

I appreciate this is in early stages, seeing the improved underwater lighting was really nice.. the way the water shadows now appear on Lara too.

CheshireBitch 15-11-16 11:58

I tried the online demo and it's really great ! Really beautiful ! Everything is so smooth ! Loved it !

XProger 16-11-16 00:38

I could not resist and implemented a flash light when shooting 8)
And now Alt+Enter (changing window mode) also works in a browser.

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