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annl 13-05-18 13:18

Is TRLE.net down?
Is it just me or has TRLE.net been down for the past few days?

What's going on?

thewolf 13-05-18 13:29

Don't know , it works for me:ponder:

Cochrane 13-05-18 13:36

https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/trle.net says it's down for everyone.

TombGuardian 13-05-18 13:38

doesn't for me, it's down :hea:

Tombraider95 13-05-18 14:16

Not for me

LoreRaider 13-05-18 14:26

It's not needed to open every time a thread for saying that a site is down, many times it was in the past
Probably Michael is doing some updates, but it's temporary :)

klona 13-05-18 14:32

Imagine if there was a website where users can upload their own TRLE levels and resources. :p

Wolf 7 13-05-18 14:49


Originally Posted by annl (Post 7881200)
Is it just me or has TRLE.net been down for the past few days?

What's going on?

I actually always thought that Michael turned off the site when he upload new levels/reviews.
Off-topic, I know, but I noticed that the top 100 custom level page is quite wrong. I mean there are games which has got old ratings instead of the new one. Does he still update it?

Kevin 13-05-18 15:03

A few hours ago, when trle.net was online for a short time, I caught a post from Michael saying there are server issues and it might be a hardware problem. He is working on it. :)

Athukraz 13-05-18 15:13

It's down for me as well

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