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ATombRaiderFan 09-09-21 05:59

Manor saving issue workaround
The save system in Croft Manor relies exclusively on checkpoints but this can get corrupted so the player won't be able to save progress. This is a temporary workaround.


1) Go to Documents/Edios/Tomb Raider - Anniversary/Default Profile or Documents/Edios/Tomb Raider - Anniversary/[Profile name]

2) Delete the autosave.TRASave file. The game will create a new one.

3) Start up the game. Progress in Croft Manor will be saved until the player quits the game.

4) Repeat.

(Also there need to be a main storyline save file present or croft manor will keep restarting.)

LateRaider 09-09-21 22:55

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it ♥

ATombRaiderFan 10-09-21 06:29


Originally Posted by LateRaider (Post 8319852)
Thanks for the info! I appreciate it ♥

No problem! There is a small catch when deleting the auto save file if you're still playing the main story, you'll have to start a new game, then load to get back to your previous point in the storyline.

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