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ActuallyArlow 21-04-19 09:32


Originally Posted by johnanonymouz (Post 8076883)
waiting for setsuka before i purchase anything

I'm waiting for her to be next on DLC but it looks like Cassandra is next. I'm suprised I didn't main her when I was younger because she seems right up my ally in terms of character taste. She is very lady-like and feminine yet tough without being a femme-fatale. I guess I was too married to Ivy lol

Grenade 22-04-19 18:49

If we get a second season pass *fingers crossed* we should get her and hopefully Hilde.

I really missed Setsuka in SC5.

New Dwight 22-04-19 19:29


Originally Posted by ActuallyArlow (Post 8075004)
I always wondered why there was never any SC thread. Its been a year and a half since SC6 so I'm not gonna name this a SC announcement thread.
I usually main Ivy and Zasalemal since the two have the most unique weapons. If there are any SC players here, who do you main? Unless its an OC in character creation

We do have a SC general thread here :)

ActuallyArlow 23-04-19 02:47


Originally Posted by New Dwight (Post 8078613)
We do have a SC general thread here :)

Crap I didn't know sorry! I'll post there instead

jackali 23-04-19 10:16

This thread is fine, that one has been dead for years.

Jami393 24-04-19 14:19


Originally Posted by jackali (Post 8079018)
This thread is fine, that one has been dead for years.

Yeah apart from the spelling of the title. :pi: Joking of course.

Catapharact 05-05-19 14:50

Finally decided to give the character creation option in SC6 a try and I have to say, its been a fun experience creating new character designs :D.

I wanted some of the female characters to have a more... coverage in terms of Armor but unfortunately, SC6 doesn't has many good armor options for females without them looking too goofy. So I did the best I could.

Some of my characters:





Catapharact 21-06-19 08:39

Apologies for the Double Post but given that there was already a thread on the topic, I didn't want to create another one.

A little something for all Soul Calibur Fans out there :D; A real life replica of the Zweihander Requiem; The sword of Siegfried:

Catapharact 10-08-19 13:27

Well Ladies and Gents... Cassandra finally makes her Entrance:

She is a DLC Downloadable character but she comes free if you already have your season 1 Soul Calibur 6 pass active. Just got her yesterday and me and my Niece have been putting her through her paces.

She is a VERY strong close in fighter. Unlike the heavy hitting Astraroth, she is very fast and Nimble, all the while having hard hitting moves. She can also throw her Shield for Medium range Damage as well.

My Niece has figured out that she is perfect counter to Nightmare if she can get Cassandra close enough :p. So she has been putting me on my toes Lol!

It has also been announced that Soul Calibur 6 will be getting a Season 2 DLC. No word yet as to when that will release:

Grenade 11-08-19 02:52

She looks great! I missed her a lot. :o Her look is somewhat inspired by SC2 (and I appreciate the recolour they gave her to as well!), she even has her old sword back. But her SC4 outfit is selectable in CAS...

Yeah they changed her quite a bit moveset wise, she had a few Captain America moves. She is still a rushdown character and plays mostly like SC4 but they have added new gimmicks just like Amy and her Rose Perception mechanic. Cassandra has Divine Force where she has lightning around her sword and shield, she can do a lot more damage and even with her Critical Edge. I need to play her a bit more. Her Soul Chronicle was very shocking by the way, I won't go into details but I loved the twist they gave us.

Happy to hear we're getting a second season pass. The game needs all the support it can get and I was rather worried with the radio silence that we weren't getting more updates. The last thing we need is this game dying quickly like SC5 and potentially not get a sequel. I think we'll see the first DLC for it near the end of the year. Looks like they're making it possible to block reversal edge, THANK GOD!

Fingers crossed Setsuka and Hilde makes it in. I'm sure the former will be included but I don't know about Hilde sadly :( I would rather lose the guest character in favour of more legacy characters. But I do like the new Samurai Shodown game and Haohmaru is cool, although I would rather they have gone for another character because he is too much like Mitsurugi. Nakoruru would have been the better choice imo...

We need more stages in this game too and NOT just variants of existing stages. I'm so disappointed we didn't get any with the first season pass!

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