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SarahPilko 19-04-19 12:10

Classic Tomb Raider free camera?
I saw a video https://youtu.be/V8eMAW5944U by CroftManor on YouTube and the creator showed a few clips of ingame, but it seems like they are using a free camera mod. I am looking to do this for Tomb Raider II and III.

However, I can't find anything on Google, except for this topic https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=215599 where TheGreatChi posted that making Lara textures invisible does the trick using PixStr. However, I have no knowledge of modding TR at all, so if anyone can help me that would be great. It would work neatly with the flight patch :)

Exporting the level to OBJ format with Fexinspect works quite nicely, but it only export rooms (without items, objects and lighting). I do not have an older version than 3ds Max 2019, so MQO export is sadly out of question (only works for Max 2016 or older IIRC) so I am looking for a different way to get images of the levels. I also considered using OpenLara free camera, but I want original lighting and textures.

mizuno_suisei 07-05-19 09:27

Hi Sarah ��

I might actually be able to help here. I'm familiar with a sticky camera setting in TR4 (locks camera anywhere until you press look) which should be easily passed over to tr2 or tr3..I'll have a look in a few hours for you ��

SarahPilko 17-05-19 20:34

Hi mizuno, thanks for your interest :) I don't know if you received my PM, my sent box showed empty? I don't really know how this forum works all that well to be honest :vlol:

I haven't looked into this yet, as I have been doing other projects, but I will need it sooner or later. I am using PC version of TR2.

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