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Love2Raid 14-01-12 23:16

Request Models for XNALara (v2)
Since the other thread is a complete mess, a new thread is in order. Behold, the Models Request for XNALara thread REBOOTED (but still ´cool´ :cool:)!!
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/icons/icon4.gif Only requests from this year (2012) and onwards will be included. If you posted your request earlier and you´re still interested, feel free to link to your old post or simply ask again!


How it works
The list goes from most recent request to least recent, read it like this:
Request incl. corresponding post | Requesting member | Status

Open: no reply yet
In progress (member): someone is working on it
Finished: request has been fulfilled, click on the link to head to the right post
Denied: (reason, for example 'against forum rules')

Please check the list first before you make your request, it is possible that someone has already asked the same thing (use Ctrl+F to search >_>). Try to be specific when you request something! Mention the game and the name of the model, please not too many at the same time!
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/icons/icon13.gif I would like to have all models from the Batman game
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/icons/icon14.gif I would like to have Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City

Keep an eye on the list to see what´s going on with your request, there is no need to keep asking. Don´t feel bad if nobody wants to do it, it´s nothing personal. Being at the top of the list does not mean that your request will be handled first! Dangling all the way at the bottom of the list does not mean that you´re screwed either. People will just pick the ones that they want to do and/or are able to do (not everyone has the same models/games, experience etc.).

The list

Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann | Open
Heavy metal Chris from RE5 | Open
Various requests (check post) | Open
Jessica Albert from Dragon Quest 8 | Open/Finished (Vergil)
Characters from Need for Speed - The Run | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Rufus Shinra from ? | Open
Nina from SFxTekken | Finished
Hitomi and Tina in bikini (DOA) | In progress (TRDaz?)
Sindel from Mortal Kombat 9 | Open
Batman from Batman: Arkham City | Finished (XNALaraFanatic's deviantArt)
Anjali, Rajani and Katarine from Dungeon Siege 3 | Open
Gasoline container (see picture) | Open
Palutena from Kid Icarus | Open
Female shaman/mage from Metin 2 | Open
Compa from Hyperdimension Neptunia | Finished
Warren, Clay and Sofia from Assassin's Creed | Open
Ashley from RE4 | In progress (OoCroftyOo)
Ezio from ACR in Masyaf White costume | Open
Coffee mug, salt and pepper set | Open
Young Dahlia from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories | Open
Female Shepherd (2 outfits) from ME3 | In progress (Goha)
Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 | In progress (KamilM_93)
Various models from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Tekkaman Blade | In progress (some, by iK1L73r)
Liara from ME2 (Shadow Broker outfit) | Open
Asuka Kazama from SFxTekken (alternate Ninja outfit) | Open
Hitomi from DOA4 | Open
Liara and EDI from ME3 | Finished
Crown of Barenziah from Skyrim | Open
Chuck from Dead Rising in yellow suit| Open
Arcadia Maximille from Neverdead | Open
Various characters from MK Deadly Alliance | Open
Elena from SFxTekken | Finished
Hair rigging request | Open
Christie Monteiro from SFxTekken | Open
Hitomi from DOA5 | In progress (BlueJ97)
Jemima from Clock Tower 3 | Open
Lara Croft modification | Open
Various characters from DOA2U
Rathalos from Monster Hunter 3 | ringdingdong | Open
Birthday stuff | 3SM_Mikey | Open
Characters from Mass Effect 3 | joroelcapo | In progress/finished
Reimi from Star Ocean 4 | Rombider | Open
Zoro from One Piece Pirate Musou | FearEffect | Open
Custom female Shepard | UchihaAlice| Open (face code)
Kaidan (all outfits) from Mass Effect 3 | BlondeSteve92 | In progress/finished
Rain and Skarlet's knife from Mortal Kombat 9 | kaiserraiser21 | Open
Models from Asura's Wrath | TRDaz | In progress/finished (rexil, Runa)
Spiderman from Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions (4 versions) | Walleye | Open
Models from Rumble Roses XX, DOA, KuF Circle of Doom | bondlaw | Open/In progress
Alan Wake from Alan Wake | trwerewolf | Open
Rosary beads | RoxasKennedy | Open
Models from Persona 4 | nanashi775 | Open
Alisa from SF x Tekken | Kenshiro549 | Open
Character from Star Ocean 4 | imariagano | In progress (rexil)
Alicia, Tai and Carmine from GoW3 | JoeBlack777J | In progress (RazKurdt)
Flash from MK vs DC | JoeBlack777J | Open
Models from SSX | Kaikun2236 | Open
Beasts (2) from ? | trwerewolf | Open
Zexion or Ienzo from ? | NRO. | In progress (RoxasKennedy)
Lagiacrus from Monster Hunter Tri | Mutaclone | Finished
Haruhi and Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou | ss5ringo | In progress (BlondeSteve92)
A few outfit parts | iK1L73r | Open
Alyssa and Yoko from RE Outbreak | DayLight | Open
Myuria from Star Ocean: The Last Hope | ClockworkDeity | Finished
Cassandra 2p from SCIV | cygnus00 | In progress (Love2Raid)
Yuffie, Cloud and Squall from KH2 | csrhiro | In progress (BlueJ97 is working on Cloud, others are still Open)
Re-up of glass set by Ol.a | UchihaAlice | Open
She-Ra from ?? | princeofpain | Open
Kos-Mos from Xenosaga 1 (GMod conversion) | alpha920 | In progress (rexil)
Tina and Helena from Dead or Alive 4 | princeofpain | Open
Flash, Lex Luthor and Captain Marvel from MK vs DC | JoeBlack777J | Open
Agent 47 and 'dancing girls' from Hitman - Blood Money | Shuriken 88 | Open
Ulrich and Odd from Code Lyoko - Quest for Infinity | FearEffect | Open
Sophitia (and others) from Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) | FANS | Open
Batcave environment from Batman AC | JoeBlack777J | Open
Various stuff from Halo Reach | JoeBlack777J | Open
Various stuff from The Force Unleashed DLC | JoeBlack777J | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Various stuff from Gears of War 3 | JoeBlack777J | Open
Goro fix and edits (MK9) | dim1988 | Open
Master Xehanort | Mr.Wesker | In progress (RoxasKennedy)
Izzy Sparks and band from Guitar Hero 2 | RoxasKennedy | Open
Siegfried and Nightmare from SCV in .obj format | PepMaster | Finished
Terry Bogard from King of Fighters - Maximum Impact | micros | Open
Ayumi from X-Blades | LDSTD | Open
Ayame from Tenchu 3 | Shuriken 88 | Open
Natla from Tomb Raider Anniversary | ultima espio | Open (which 'form' do you want?)
Shiva Sisters from FF XIII-2 | Darkboy91 | In progress (rexil)
AC Yuffie from KH2 and Selphie from FF VIII | csrhiro | Open
Shura from SCIV | KamilM_93 | Finished
Models from CrossFire (included in post) | tiandis | In progress (RoxasKennedy)
Models from Magna Carta II | Runa | Open (rexil did some though, I think, might be re-up'd)
Pyrrha from SCV | Foxboro | In progress (Kamil ->1p, BlueJ -> 2p)
Alice from KH 1/2 | NRO. | Open
Models from Brawl Busters (MMO) | yocarinha | Open
King of Fighters 4 models (included in link) | alpha920 | Open
Jackie and others from The Darkness 2 | Kobra | Open
Gymnastic ribbon | ryoko | Open
Thesmophoros Imperial Garden stage from SCIV | UchihaAlice | In progress (Love2Raid, I'll try but no promises XD)
Girls from Onechanbara Z - Kagura | king.neko212 | In progress (rexil)
Cammy's snow outfit from SFIV | Red Baron | In progress (iK1L73r)
Valtiel model from Silent Hill 3 | TheValtiel | Open
Models from the Onimusha series | katfan325 | Open
A pair of shoes | Myum | Open (extra info would be nice...)
Candy Cane from Rumble Roses XX | KamilM_93 | KamilM_93
Zhao Yun and Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors 6 | ozzman (who else? ;-)) | Open
Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 6 | ozzman | In progress (rexil)
Craig Marduk from Tekken 6 | Ryu Hayabusa | Open
Various characters from Virtua Fighter 5 (esp. Sarah and Vanessa) | karadaniano | Open (Sarah black dress might be reuploaded by rexil)
Models from Kingdom of Alamur | TheBlackPigeon | In progress (rexil)
Brothers from Project Zero | trwerewolf | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Twin sisters from Project Zero | trwerewolf | Open
Mamiya from Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage/Hokuto Mosu | JudgeMagister | Open
Models from TERA Online | Fewks | In progress (rexil, Mr.rice)
Eliza from Deus Ex - HR (and others) | Killian | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Leon Belmont from Castlevania - Lament of Innocence | Stroggoii | Open
Female models from Monster High (Wii) | Stroggoii | Open
Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors 6 | linne_Ssuyl | Open
Castanic girl from TERA Online | Mr.rice | In progress (Mr.rice)
Captain America and Red Hulk from UMvsC3 | BLUEYBLUE | Open
Judge Holloway from Silent Hill - Homecoming | Lupus | Open
Kenshi from Mortal Kombat 9 | James-Croft | Open
Nicole and The Marker from Dead Space (2) | Seijimei | Open
Kasumi (GMod conversion) | BlondeSteve92 | Open
Hope, rose crystal from FF XIII-2 | Rubish | Open
Hydralisk from StarCraft 2 | ArchClan | Open
Ezio mesh mod | Laras Boyfr. | Open
Prison area from RE Code Veronica, police station and lab from RE2 | BlondeSteve92 | Open
Gabrielle mesh mod from Xena | Dnmm89 | Open
Concert stage scenery | RoxasKennedy | Open
Re-upload of AOD Lara (by AtlantiB) | Nausinous | Open
Aria T'Loak and a n7 fem shep armor from ME2 | alpha91 | Open
Ada Wong from RE: Darkside Chronicles | VictorXD | In progress (Italian_Utent)
Tekken 6 .obj models | TheValtiel | Open
Batsignal, Batmobile and Wayne Manor scenery from Batman AC | NCFirebolt21 | Open
Knight Rider mod from GTA SA | Walleye | In progress (TRDaz)
Chocolina from Final Fantasy XIII-2 | king.neko212 | Finished
Aya Brea | Niyolpaki | Open
T-Elos from Xenosaga (and Kos-Mos, already requested) | Oyikell | Open
Ron, Hermione and Voldemort from DH part 2 | joroelcapo | Open
Models from Rage | tom0 | Open
Nick and Witch from Left for Dead 2 | linne_Ssuyl | Open
Weapons from Mortal Kombat 9 | kaiserraiser21 | Open
Cole, Zeke and Lucy from Infamous 2 | Walleye | Open
TYGER guard from Batman Arkham City | Serdasti | Open
Cigarette set (check picture) | Kilian | Open
Jill from Resident Evil Revelations | Niyolpaki | In progress (R3N?)
Trish from MvsC3 | Niyolpaki | Open
TR Legend PS3 environments (check post) | Kilian | Open
Kaileena from Prince of Persia WW | milance941 | In progress (milance941)
Phoenix Wright from Ultimate MvsC3 | Kiryu Kazuma | Finished
Anacletos from Assassin's Creed Revelations | dragbody | Open
PSICOM soldiers from Final Fantasy XIII | dragbody | Open
Kabal from Mortal Kombat 9 | dragbody | Open
A few re-uploads (check post for more info) | Sim2fanTR | Open
Weapons from Soul Calibur V (see link) | GLord | Open
Scouts Mom from Team Fortress 2 | Fryzame | Open
Guile from Street Fighter IV | Janus | Open
Snow from Final Fantasy XIII-2 | FearEffect | In progress (Carbint, will not be posted here)
Femshep and Kaiden from Mass Effect 3 | AngelvsDevil188 | Open
Sakura from SFIV mod | Naffetz | Open
Texture request (TRU and TRA Lara) | Mac Daddy | Open
Balcony environment | Andymy | Open
Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell (PS2) | Mutaclone | Open
Models from L4D | KamilM_93 | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Kilik from Soul Calibur IV | James-Croft | In progress (Love2Raid)
Character from Counter Strike | tiandis | In progress (milance941)
Models from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Walleye | Open
Various models from Final Fantasy XIII-2 | TRDaz | In progress or finished
Elle Holloway from Silent Hill - Homecoming | Alessa | Open
Claudia Wolf from Silent Hill 3 | Alessa | Open
TYGER helicopter from Batman AC | Serdasti | Finished
Lucas Kane and sceneries from Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy | drakl0r | Open
Models from GoldenEye Reloaded | NCFirebolt21 | Open
Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken 5 (various outfits) | NICmito | Open
Android 18 (any DBZ game) | Niyolpaki | In progress (Love2Raid)
Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4 | miochan | Open
Asphyxia from Silent Hill - Homecoming | unknownwatcher | Open
Barbie (any game) | KamilM_93 | Open
Logan and Sabin from Fable 3 | Kobra | Open
Chaingun (see picture) | 3SM_Mikey | Open
MP females from Assassin's Creed Revelations | TRDaz | In progress (milance941)
Ezio from Soul Calibur V | TR619VS | In progress (milance941)
Sam Fisher t-shirt outfit from SCC | BlondeSteve92 | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Robin from Batman AC (red) | AsuraSpike10 | Open
Robin from Batman AC (default) | dizzydoil | Finished
Stuffed rabbit from Alice Madness Returns | Kilian | Open
Keitner from Deus Ex - HR DLC (static is fine) | jnka | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Kurenai from Red Ninja (PS2) | king.neko212 | Open
Models from Beyond Good and Evil | Wonkers | In progress (Monkey13 (Jade))
Zoe from Dreamfall - The Longest Journey | Wonkers | Open
Raving Rabbid models (GMod) | LARA_geek | In progress (RoxasKennedy)
Powerpuff Girls | irisships | In progress (iK1L73r)
Blonde dominatrix from Watchmen: The End is Nigh P2 | NNin | In progress (Ventrue, not 100% sure)
Rogue and champion armor from Dragon Age 2 | davide23padova | Open
Coat | Lilacatz | Open (for which model??)
Sleeve gloves | RoxasKennedy | Open (for which model??)
Anna Williams from Tekken 6 | Kiryu Kazuma | In progress (o0Crofty0o)
Kos-Mos and Shion from Xenosaga 3 | shotgun007 | In progress (rexil)
Common troops and Sima Zhao from Dynasty Warriors 7 | Ozzman | Open
Novak and Ana from Virtua Tennis 4 (static is fine) | banex | In progress (o0Crofty0o -> banex will rig them)
Sarah and Anna from Splinter Cell Conviction | Italian Utent | In progres (o0Croftyo0 -> Italian_Utent for rigging)
Alvara (Nika?) from Guild Wars | lara croftwolf | In progress (Goha)?
She-Hulk's red textures from MvsC3 (.png or .tga) | AsuraSpike10 | Open
Cream the Rabbit (GMod) | king.neko212 | In progress (TRDaz)
Armored Klan from Another Century | noyou | Open
Weapons from FF XII | GLord | Open
Captain's cabin from Normandy (Mass Effect 2) | unknownwatcher | Open
Cody, El Fuerte and Dan Hibiki from SSFIV | TheBlackPigeon | Open
Models from Harry Potter | **LARA LOVER** | Open
Stitch from Kingdom Hearts 2 | RazKurdt | Finished
Jean Grey (X-factor costume) from Ultimate MvsC3 | pjay | Open
Helena in white dress (DoA2 Jap) | pjay | Open
Jeanne (Umbra), Joy and Enzo from Bayonetta | Wentylator3000 | In progress (KamilM_93, Ventrue)
Models from Forbidden Siren (2) | BlondeSteve92 | Open
Black Cat from Spiderman Edge of Time | KamilM_93 | Open
All weapons from Soul Calibur V | GLord | Open
Devil May Cry 4 models | Frostitute | In progress (Crofty and others)
World of Warcraft models | ss5ringo | In progress (TRDaz)?
Classic models from Sonic Generations | robbie_rawr | In progress (TRDaz)
Ulala from Sega Superstars Tennis | king.neko212 | Open
Killing Floor models (included in link) | Frostitute | Open
Batsignal from Batman AC | NCFirebolt21 | Open
Elika from Prince of Persia 2008 | NCFirebolt21 | Finished
Marshall Law from Tekken 6 | AsuraSpike10 | In progress (RazKurdt)
Black Rock Shooter (PSP) | RoxasKennedy | In progress (RoxasKennedy)
Prince from PoP 2008 | FearEffect | Finished
Samurai Warrior characters | kittkat2010 | Open
Males from Tekken 6 (Lars in particular) | kittkat2010 | Open (I´m working on Jin though XD)
Krillin from DB Revenge of King Piccolo | agent | Finished (no link available)
Maryse from WWE (any game) | amaris | Open
Marcus from Gears of War 3 | soulassassin | Finished
Female Templar from Hellgate: London | GottvonHoff | Finished
Xiang Mei from Dead Island | xUltraFoxx | Open
Saints Row 3 models | xUltraFoxx | Open
Carmine from Gears of War 3 | xUltraFoxx | Open
Sam from Gears of War 3 | f1r3storm | Finished
Assassin from The Witcher | Aztec | Open
Pokéball | NRO | Open
Shadee from PoP WW and Prince from FS | davide23padova | Shadee is In progress (milance941), Prince is Finished
Klank evolution from Poképark 2 | GLord | In progress (TRDaz)
Chris Redfield meshmod | BlondeSteve92 | In progress (Ventrue)
Kasumi Gmod conversion | Raden | In progress (Kamil_M93)
A few guys from Dynasty Warriors 7 (see post) | ozzman | Open
Dead Space/Isaac Clark armor for Dragon Age 2 | dragbody | Open
Janice from Tomb Raider - AOD | Ligufaca | Open
An open book | NRO. | Open
Model of Detective Conan | goodmalam | Open (does this exist?)
Shirley Manson and Kurt Cobain from Guitar Hero 5 | Izack | Open
Crying statue from Alice - Madness Returns | Lilacatz | Open
Dragon Age 2 hair pack | alpha91 | Open
A sword from Dynasty Warriors 5 | ozzman | Open
Jack Sparrow from ?? | jacksparrow111 | Open
Characters from The Bouncer (PS2) | Headcrash | Open
Males from Age of Conan | davide23padova | Open

Status updates can be posted in this thread. So that means that I would really appreciate it if a modder posted a link to the finished request (from the recap thread) here, otherwise it would be hard for me to keep track on everything that´s going on! If I somehow missed the update, please let me know on pm or vm. Same if I accidentally missed/skipped a request. Don´t hesitate to let me know.

Think twice before you say that you will work on a request and if you for some reason can no longer do it, say so here.

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/icons/icon4.gif There are some games from which models can´t be extracted/ported to XNALara for technical reasons. Do not bother asking for them, your request will be ignored!
  • Uncharted: Drake´s Fortune
  • Uncharted: Among Thieves
  • Uncharted: Drake´s Deception
  • Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity
  • God of War (all games)
  • Heavenly Sword
  • WET
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma (2)
  • Heavy Rain
  • (if you know any others, please share :o)

FearEffect 14-01-12 23:20

Someone can make the Prince , poseable please ?


I would like to have THE PRINCE from Prince Of Persia 2008 :)

Love2Raid 14-01-12 23:21

What a great way to start, I second that! :tmb:
With scarf please (carbint´s conversion has no scarf). :o

And sword! XD

RoxasKennedy 14-01-12 23:26

I haven't requested something in a LOOOOOONG time. XD
Anyways, if it's possible, I would like to have an model of Black Rock Shooter.


From what I've gathered, you can get it in 2 ways:

1: From Black Rock Shooter: The Game for PSP, but nobody has succeeded in exporting the models.
2: MikuMiku Dance, but I don't know about this one. There was an very good model, but it was from an magazine you had to PAY FOR. So yeah, if I would to extract her, there would be lawsuits up the ass. Or something.
So, I'll just leave this request here for future, if someone is interested in doing it.

o0Crofty0o 14-01-12 23:28


Originally Posted by RoxasKennedy (Post 5918362)
I haven't requested something in a LOOOOOONG time. XD
Anyways, if it's possible, I would like to have an model of Black Rock Shooter.


From what I've gathered, you can get it in 2 ways:

1: From Black Rock Shooter: The Game for PSP, but nobody has succeeded in exporting the models.
2: MikuMiku Dance, but I don't know about this one. There was an very good model, but it was from an magazine you had to PAY FOR. So yeah, if I would to extract her, there would be lawsuits up the ass. Or something.
So, I'll just leave this request here for future, if someone is interested in doing it.

I do't see a problem with the MMD model^^
That it was in a magazine means nothing. They release Sims magazines aropund here wich icludes a lot of contents etc...sometimes user made....guess this is somewhat the same case

RoxasKennedy 14-01-12 23:33


Originally Posted by o0Crofty0o (Post 5918368)
I do't see a problem with the MMD model^^
That it was in a magazine means nothing. They release Sims magazines aropund here wich icludes a lot of contents etc...sometimes user made....guess this is somewhat the same case

Yeah, well only way to get this model is if you buy the magazine, and the magazine is from Japan. And there is no free download someone uploaded.
BTW. 5K post! I'm running to the congrats section immediately! :p

RazKurdt 14-01-12 23:34

If I'm correct, God of War games are not extractable either. Hum...WET neither...nor Heavenly Sword...:hea:

AsuraSpike10 14-01-12 23:36

Marshall Law
Could someone please rig Marshall Law from Tekken. :)

Love2Raid 14-01-12 23:38


Originally Posted by RazKurdt (Post 5918379)
If I'm correct, God of War games are not extractable either. Hum...WET neither...nor Heavenly Sword...:hea:

Thank you! :)

TheBlackPigeon 15-01-12 00:38

Currently, models from Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Sigma 2 are not extractable. You'll have to keep waiting for your Rachel fix, folks. Sorry! :p

Also, models from Heavy Rain are also non-extractable currently.

Oh, and one more thing for newcomers: Make sure to also browse through DeviantArt.com, as there are quite a few models posted there by members who are not part of this forum. The model you're looking for might be there, waiting for you to download!

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