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Sir Croft 13-06-08 17:32


The power of Underpus compels you![/QUOTE]

LMAO :vlol:

KC Mraz 13-06-08 17:44



Alex Fly 13-06-08 17:48

^ Hahahaha ! :D :p

Bumio 13-06-08 17:49

[QUOTE=KC Mraz;2775348]http://i28.************/35cjvy1.png


this one is awesome :D :vlol:

Alex Fly 13-06-08 18:01


thevman 13-06-08 18:10

I thought the underpuss looked a bit fruity... :whi: :vlol:

Encore 13-06-08 18:11

It's fun to stay at the UUU-UUNDERWORLD! :yah:

dizzydoil 13-06-08 18:15

LMAO! I love this thread too much! :pi:

stereopathic 13-06-08 18:38

zomg! john_york and KC Mraz! freaking hilarious!

Keir_Eidos 13-06-08 18:47


The power of Underpus compels you![/QUOTE]

Oh my god, ahahaha! That's....... :vlol: :jmp:

NightWish 13-06-08 19:18

Mind me asking...why is this thread a sticky? :vlol:

Rexie 13-06-08 19:30

[QUOTE=NightWish;2775593]Mind me asking...why is this thread a sticky? :vlol:[/QUOTE]

bacuase the [I]Mr.Almighty No.2[/I] stickied it :jmp:

Atlantisfreak666 13-06-08 20:22

[QUOTE=Rexie;2775632]bacuase the [I]Mr.Almighty No.2[/I] stickied it :jmp:[/QUOTE]

And Underpus is so sexy.

Cog 13-06-08 20:31

[QUOTE=NightWish;2775593]Mind me asking...why is this thread a sticky? :vlol:[/QUOTE]
Underpus compels everyone, including admins.

Quasimodo 13-06-08 21:35

I wonder what Eidos and CD must think of this thread :p Underpus is generating a lot of creativity!

xMiSsCrOfTx 13-06-08 21:37

Best thread... EVER. :vlol:

gtkilla 13-06-08 21:50



KC Mraz 13-06-08 21:51

:vlol:. I would enter that reality show! :D

xMiSsCrOfTx 13-06-08 21:54

^^ :vlol: :vlol:

gtkilla 13-06-08 21:57

[quote=KC Mraz;2776101]:vlol:. I would enter that reality show! :D[/quote]

Who wouldn't? :D If we spit in her face, she'll ink ours! :eek: :p

Lara Croft Fan Joe 13-06-08 21:59




Pietras 14-06-08 00:56

I'm joining the fun! :D

Encore 14-06-08 00:58

^ahahaha great idea!! :vlol:

kryptonite23 14-06-08 00:58

[I][COLOR="Red"]Nice edittings people! :D

I love them all :vlol:[/COLOR][/I]

Evan C. 14-06-08 03:56

Haha yes this thread just make my day!

Ward Dragon 14-06-08 04:10

[QUOTE=Pietras;2776592]I'm joining the fun! :D


Yes! Go, Trailerpus, go! :jmp: :D

Rivendell 14-06-08 08:09

:vlol: Love that last one!

Alex Fly 14-06-08 10:23

Lmao ! Well done Pietras ! :jmp: :vlol:

xXhayleyroxXx 14-06-08 10:35

hahahahha im gonna print some of these photo edits off and stick them on my wall :P

honestly i loves them :ton:

b0bb13 14-06-08 12:07

[QUOTE=Pietras;2776592]I'm joining the fun! :D

:vlol:The Underpus loves us!:D



Alex Fly 14-06-08 12:08

^ Awwwwwww... :D

kryptonite23 14-06-08 12:08

[I][COLOR="Blue"]wow!! :yik:

The cat really looks like underpus :vlol:[/COLOR][/I]

Rivendell 14-06-08 12:10



Alex Fly 14-06-08 12:12

^ :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

Encore 14-06-08 12:15

ROFL @ Rivendell..
I'm loving Underpus more by the minute... :whi:

Here's a new one



Rivendell 14-06-08 12:17

:vlol: Love it!

b0bb13 14-06-08 12:18





nickless 14-06-08 12:25

keep up the good work :D:D:D

Alex Fly 14-06-08 12:27

Lol Shining Pus ! :D

dcw123 14-06-08 12:27

Heres mine LOL
Can Jill Valentine escape Raccoon City while avoiding her new "Nemesis";)..... "[I]Octopusis[/I]"...:p;)


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