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mandylane 15-05-19 21:33

your favourite level in shadow?
which one is your favourite.

this is hard but if i had to choose i like porvenir oil fields and kuwak yaku.
really like these one. they stand out graphically and look good.
i like to run around in both these levels

Vaskito 15-05-19 21:37

San Juan. It's just amazing from beginning to end. The ambience. The music. The cinematics. The DLC. Isabella!

Top notch

Grizzly Bear 15-05-19 21:43

Cenote and San Juan catacomb; it's hard to choose only one...
I think I liked Cenote more, though; so I'm going to choose that.

johnanonymouz 15-05-19 21:56


Chamayoo 15-05-19 21:58


Originally Posted by Grizzly Bear (Post 8089350)
Cenote and San Juan catacomb; it's hard to choose only one...
I think I liked Cenote more, though; so I'm going to choose that.

Same. I would add Trial of Eagle but that one was unfortunately too short.

Thinking about it, I find it hard to rate and rank Shadow's levels. Actually the game is quite consistent, all the levels are almost equally decent. There is no level I hate, neither I love. No atrocities, no masterpieces. Just all ok to good levels.

MissJodieG 15-05-19 22:04

Both San Juan and Peruvian Jungle. I love those sections to death. :cln:

Yuna´s Wish 15-05-19 22:04

A very underrated one: Kuwaq Yaku's segment that begins after Lara breaks the fake wall and ends when she reaches the many corpses of soldiers.

It has almost everything: stealth, water, jungle, a puzzle and piranhas. And there is only one camp fire almost at the beginning, so Deadly Obsession is sheer perfection. It is only lacking in jumps and such, but some time later the game offers its lovely Eagle Trial and everything's forgiven :hug:

2nd place: Cenote.

TrustyBow 15-05-19 22:14

If Trial of the Eagle was longer, I'd say that. It's definitely my favorite puzzle in the game. Favorite level goes to Cenote.

Grimaldi 15-05-19 22:48

Cozumel. It was a refreshing change to see Lara in the colourful real world amongst the public after such cold and remote locations in the first two games, and it transitions nicely into exploring the wilderness outside, uncovering a cave, then an underground temple, triggering the apocalypse, an exciting burst of combat, the tsunami setpiece, etc.

mandylane 15-05-19 22:54

anyone likes paititi? in my opinion it looks good but there is not so much to do in this town..

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