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ThatSassyKid 11-04-19 17:38


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8071506)
Yw :hug: Can I add you maybe? Could be fun :P

Sure! :hug:

TR1249 19-04-19 15:18


Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid (Post 8071554)
Sure! :hug:

Empty your friendslist :p

ThatSassyKid 24-04-19 14:08


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8076664)
Empty your friendslist :p

Should be fine now. :p

TR1249 07-05-19 15:26

They replaced Michael with Scream lmao

michaeldt 10-05-19 06:08

I'm beyond excited for Ghostface anyway :D

I think they will explain the differences about their powers though. Looking at the videos, I think that Ghostface can only put the 'exposed' status on one survivor at a time. Whereas Michael can do all at the same time.

But, Michael doesnt have the ability to crouch and hide his terror radius like Ghostface (no terror radius if you stay in Tier 1).

As of now, it looks like Ghostface will be a mix of The Pig and Myers.

ThatSassyKid 10-05-19 08:23

Running out of ideas.

michaeldt 10-05-19 08:57


Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid (Post 8087092)
Running out of ideas.

Which is odd, because didn't Mathieu Cote say somewhere that there are plans to support the game until atleast 2023?

sackboy123 11-05-19 10:15

There's only so much that you can really do in terms of powers though. As long as you require different strategies to play Ghostface just like Billy and Leatherface then I'm open to this.

michaeldt 11-05-19 17:33

I'm loving the fact that ghost face can straight-up teabag :D.


sackboy123 11-05-19 20:20

About time. Toxic Survivors like myself need it back to us :vlol:

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