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Evan C. 17-05-18 00:04

Possible secondary playable character
Well, considering the susprise they have prepared for E3, I was thinkin about what could it be, and for some reason, I have SERIOUS doubts about the fact Lara won't be the only playable character in SOTR. Maybe Jonah could became a playable character, but also there could be a cooperative multiplayer for the main game.

He is being promoted as the moral compass, but also as an independant character that will challenge Lara and call over her, showing a big evolution from past games.

Last, the cooperative multiplayer being added after release makes me think this could be addes after the game launch. And also, they have stated so many times the game will feature online component yet not meaning this being competitive but cooperative, well, maybe it's that.

In this interview with Rich Briggs, he is asked about this possibility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUnNh94teCw (05:18 for the question and answer) and obviously his answer is an easy escape, but he doesn't deny it. Plus, the interview is great since the guy asking is really amazing.

This makes me thing, maybe they have build a secondary vision for the story, maybe the antagonist has another good story to tell and they will join forces with Lara trying to stop the apocalypse? Maybe we wil have a b-side as Ada Wong in RE4 after the game finish?

We have cooperative in Endurance mode, but adding cooperative for Tombs as Guardian of Light would be super fun!

What are you thoughts? Maybe I'm overthinking as usual, but in a couple weeks we will have the answer :D

Princess_Paige 17-05-18 00:14

That would be cool actually, I would really enjoy that

Legends 17-05-18 00:23


NoahCrofRaider 17-05-18 00:45

I wouldnít mind this! Just so long as it doesnít negatively affect the development of the game. :D

johnanonymouz 17-05-18 00:48

I'm not a fan of playing with someone other Lara in Tomb Raider games. Playing as Kurtis was painful (Maybe because I dislike the character). They made it work in Endurance Co-Op cause both of the players controlled Lara. It's just me though. I hope they can make it work, if that is the case.

LaraFan08 17-05-18 01:01

Iím actually ok with that idea as long as itís well executed and Jonah doesnít play like a copy of Lara.

Costel 17-05-18 02:22


In Shadow main campaign only playable character I want is Lara Croft.

tomblover 17-05-18 02:28

They made kind of a big deal out of the fact that both players would see themselves as Lara in co-op Endurance, 'cos they learned from the LC games that nobody ever wants to not play as Lara, so I somehow doubt they'll add a second playable character -- but hey, who knows, with a new developer? I could see EM daring to take risks where CD would rather not...

VictorXD 17-05-18 02:46

I wouldn't mind it if it was like Ada's RE6 campaign. It's designed to be played solo, the gameplay is the same, the cutscenes are the same (the second player is never present for the story), and the only thing that changes is that suddenly there's co op.

Also, it needs to be like Rise's Endurance mode. Both players are Lara but appear as someone else to their partner. Like tomblover said, no one wants to play as someone else other than Lara in TR.

CrowdedToaster 17-05-18 03:39

I'd be okay with it if it was like how they did it in Endurance Mode in Rise. Honestly, like others say, nobody wants to play other characters as much as Lara. Besides, she has all these skills nobody else has.

Also, I do not think there is any character that is interesting enough for people in general to want to play as/control because of the poor characterizations of every other character apart from Lara in the reboot :(

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