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scremanie 22-02-14 02:59

I feel like that one is better.

Mikky 22-02-14 03:09


Originally Posted by scremanie (Post 7005685)
I feel like that one is better.

If there was the view of Shantytown at the end too, then I would have agreed, yeah.

It's a shame neither explain how her parachute straps magically disappear, though.

just*raidin*tomb 22-02-14 15:11

That is so weiRD.

I feel like that one conveys that she is badly hurt much more clearly.

larafan25 22-02-14 15:39


that AOD-ish music at 3:00

yansazonov 22-02-14 18:50

Scene if effin great!!!
Why CD reject more realistic (unfinished) to a hollywood action movie scenes?
I mean that blurring view,this wound-touch & curse (i assume) word after...:hea: I can even see her wet wound...
It would've been out of context to a hollywood,but its sooo truthful & brings life to Lara!!

Stop doing homage to cliche action movies and do more real-life stuff!
(Though i doubt that they would...its just cultural differences..)

larafan25 22-02-14 18:52

i really think the old scene is just... tighter tbh, and perhaps better cinematography.

HeavyGagaLover 22-02-14 20:43

Wow, that cutscene was so cool! How did he do that?
I wished the audio got synced too :(

Edit: Maybe you've seen it, but he has posted some demo versions of the games also. Like here, you can see that the very end is a little different.

Double Edit: He even got some deleted conversations... damn. This was a bit annoying though haha. But it's obviously from the Endurance flashback that got deleted.

trfanX34 22-02-14 21:10

^ Maybe there was a prologue level in the Endurance during the wreck. If that's it I wish it had made it into the final game ;-;

larafan25 22-02-14 21:13

There was, it wasn't a prologue though ,it was a playable flashback,.

Ya can see footage from it in the Final Hours app

Here it is:

trfanX34 22-02-14 21:18

^ Oh, yeah I had already seen that, I didn't remember it tho.
Well there should have been a prologue in the Endurance :<

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