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Shirley_Manson 03-11-15 22:52

I liked Shipwreck beach and Mountain Village the most, cause they have gorgeous vistas, and feel the most open.
I liked the area at the beginning of the game, when Lara escapes the cave. It's sunny and beautiful, then it starts to rain until it slowly turns in to a storm. Also I always stare at the shipwrecks. :p

Sir Launcelot 04-11-15 00:09


Originally Posted by Trenton (Post 7479572)
Shantytown is one disgusting place tbh. :ponder:

You can almost smell the rotting garbage and wild boar poop there... :vlol:

It's got lots of nooks and crannies though. It's another place where I wish you could explore more rather than getting cut off from large parts of it because of the linear gameplay. I want to go back up on those big gondola towers - all of them. I want to climb on the giant bridge where Lara had to go underneath while Roth sniped her way clear. etc...

AntRaidsTombs 05-11-15 23:54

I'm playing the definitive edition again before Rise. I forgot all about where Lara has dirt on her face in the videos she's watching back on the camera. I always skip those scenes.

RWTSB 06-11-15 10:04

I have finally finished the game 100% Its was a drag especially the multiplayer. But I still find the single campaign to be AMAZING :)

Enya Brennan 06-11-15 22:01


Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot (Post 7479559)
Geothermal Caverns was a pretty easy level though, and you just had to axe a couple of cannibals. I agree about Mountain Village, that is also a really cool hub. I wish there was more to wander around in there. So much of the game you can't go back to later, which is a shame.

BTW, does anyone know a way to get back to that upper part of Mountain Village that you go through on the third visit? Since there's collectibles there, I would think there would be a way to get back up, but I can't find a way to jump back onto the zipline from the lower cabin, is there another way?

Yeah, it wasn't a difficult section to go through, but they nailed the atmosphere there for me. As well as in Mountain Village, brilliant hub.

Could you specify a bit more? I can't figure out the exact place right now :p


Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot (Post 7479559)
I like the sea at Shipwreck Beach, and the water in smaller streams like in Coastal Forest, but in some places, like shantytown, the water is very ugly. Of course, that is a dirty place to begin with.

Oh, that's right. The sea and the streams were pure eye-candy, but in the rivers the water was horrible. It was a plain texture, no form at all...

Sir Launcelot 06-11-15 23:35


Originally Posted by Enya Brennan (Post 7482779)
Could you specify a bit more? I can't figure out the exact place right now :p

I'm talking about the area you come into from the Chasm Monastery, you know, when you fall down through those board bridges and into a cave and come into the Mountain Village for the third time. There's an upper area where you wander around collecting stuff, and then a bit further on like 3 Solarii on a ledge below. You kill them, jump a chasm to reach their ledge, and from there you can zipline down to that one cabin where Lara tells Sam she is coming to save her in a cutscene.

From that cabin you can zipline back over toward the Village Plateau camp - it's not far, you can see it - or go the other way where you have to kill more Solarii and then go through that horrible water/plane/parachute sequence.

What I meant was, from that cabin, is there a way to reach the zipline again and go back UP to that area where you killed those three Solarii on the ledge? I couldn't see a way, and there are GPS caches up there, plus statues to light, so I figured there MUST be a way back up...

Enya Brennan 06-11-15 23:44

Yep, you can go back there. You must reach the plateaus area first, and there should be a zipline that takes you back down.

WWETombRaider 07-11-15 00:53

I think it's time I replayed this. I've only played through it once, when it got released.

Sir Launcelot 07-11-15 01:05


Originally Posted by Enya Brennan (Post 7482845)
Yep, you can go back there. You must reach the plateaus area first, and there should be a zipline that takes you back down.

What plateaus area? :confused:

It's a high up area, I don't think you can go DOWN to it.

highlander20816 14-11-15 08:04

Tomb Raider what's new
Hey where are you did I miss anything anything new what's been going on Thanks ------ MIKE Any new games?

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