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Brendanlovesu1 31-03-22 16:24

I don't think so

charmedangelin 03-05-22 01:38

So will this game get cancelled now?

andre_costa 03-05-22 16:02

No, I saw somewhere on Twitter that it is still happening. I wonder if Ed knew that TR was going to be sold and that was the reason he exited SE. :ponder:

UroshUchiha 03-05-22 17:15

They just posted this on Discord:
"Official statement:
A new chapter in our story begins as we announce a plan to join the Embracer Group family. Embracer Group will help propel us to great new heights as we continue to deliver exciting experiences from our beloved portfolio of franchises as well as original concepts and IPs developed with partners. Thank you to our amazing fans for being part of our journey. The best is yet to come!"

jackali 03-05-22 17:23

Thanks for sharing the update. Good to know it won't just get canned.

TombRaiderTim 22-05-22 17:58

How long are we supposed to wait for this to come to other places like the UK? It's showing so much yet it's very limited. I've given up honestly. :o

Nenya awakens 26-05-22 08:30

The guy who was in charge of the project just came across as a massive drama queen and attention seeker. He deleted his twitter a few times and then came back claiming he was going to spill the tea. There probably is nothing to tell!

TRF 26-05-22 21:31

Well, Announced on 23.11.2020 and we are still on: 0.19.0 (19th of May 2022)
It has a very, very slow development rate.

Also, Oktober 15, 2021 they released a statement that the game was delayed to 2022. ALMOST 1 YEAR AFTER ANNOUNCEMENT.

On October 15, 2021, Square Enix London Mobile director Ed Perkins tweeted that the game was delayed to 2022 and clarified that it was not meant to tie in directly to Square Enix's official 25th anniversary celebration of the Tomb Raider franchise in 2021.[7] However, on the 25th anniversary of the release of Tomb Raider on the Sega Saturn in Europe on October 28, 2021, it was announced that Shelley Blond, Judith Gibbins and Jonell Elliott would also voice Lara Croft in Reloaded, giving players the option to choose between their voices as a launch exclusive feature.[8]
I just think they put to much on this, instead of really getting the old and new Lara together. They probably though this would reduce the "need" of a new game.

I mean, it's a mobile game, based on another popular mobile game.
They still couldn't develop it properly.:confused:

charmedangelin 27-05-22 18:38

I see a lot of people on Twitter complaining about the grind in this game. Level 1 and 2 is simple enough, but people are getting stuck on level 3 and not bothering to continue playing.

I fully believe that Reloaded is going to be a flop. The game is way too grindy and hard then other similar mobile games.

Lara_Fan1 27-05-22 19:10

I can't see reloaded doing well myself, I don't know about everyone else but the hype for me has completely gone. I'm not exactly fond of mobile games but I was willing to give this a chance. If it wasn't for this thread and people continuing to post in it, I would have forgotten about it.

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