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UroshUchiha 27-05-22 21:56

I was one of the people who was following this game since the first early access build and I kept playing it daily cause it was the perfect time waster while I was walking my dog. The grind is insane. I played MMOs that required less grind than Reloaded.

But as I said, dog walking plus TRR was a perfect combo. ~3 months ago I stopped playing the game cause I pretty much got all of my items to legendary rating. I check the discord server announcements once a month and from what I have noticed, there wasn't a single new tomb or anything added in the last couple of months.

And pretty much after every update they quickly do a rollback cause something broke or they quickly release a hotfix.

So at this point I truly believe that there's like two people working on this game from how slowly the updates come out. And nothing is going through QA or any kind of testing. The people that play this game are the unpaid testers.

charmedangelin 08-07-22 02:51

Apparently the game is getting close to a global release. The are currently working on balancing issues. I'll probably give the game a try again when it's officially out. Hopefully they balance it out fairly because it's quite a grindfest in its current state.

DVDSpike 06-08-22 17:33

Is this game still being developed? It seems the entire fan base has forgotten about it. I don't see it being talked about anywhere anymore.

UroshUchiha 06-08-22 18:45

Their discord server is still up and they do @ everyone announcements every so often. But I haven't played the game for half a year or more at this point.

The last time I played, the game had 8 tombs. Quick glance at the change longs in the past 6 months doesn't mention anything about any new tomb so I am not really sure what's going on. Mostly some events, balance changes, fixes and stuff.

Heartache 08-08-22 07:05

hope this releases soon, i was actually looking forward to it but its been delayed for so long that i kinda got bored before ever touching it

Amunet 16-08-22 17:01

Some new artwork from Reloaded:


Chamayoo 16-08-22 17:13

^ Really cool !

tlr online 16-08-22 19:35


Square Enix London Mobile has announced Tomb Raider Reloaded update 0.22.0 is being rolled out to Android and iOS devices. Tomb Raider Reloaded is a free to play action arcade game made by Emerald City Games and published by Square Enix London Mobile. Tomb Raider Reloaded is scheduled to release in 2022 and has soft launched in a number of countries.

The official Discord channel lists the following feature additions: Daily quests, weekly quests and achievements have been added to the game and they unlock on day 8. Tomb exploration feature unlocked right after chapter 3. New notifications have been added and Polish language support is now included.

Gameplay changes include: Grenades can now bounce. Poison snake spit is now blocked by walls. Reduced HP of some spiders. Reduced HP of crystals.

Event changes include: Increased the number of zones that spawn in the newbie zone event's first wave. Increased main phase duration for the Adventure and The Moon Temple events for new players to 3 days from 2. Added special tabs to the Adventure event.

CheshireBitch 16-08-22 19:50

the last one is really cute!

also love the bike ones !

Tombraider95 17-08-22 13:29

The art looks great. Such wasted potential. No one cares about this grinding mobile game lol

Give us Lara Croft Go 2.

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