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Mikky 06-12-20 18:08

Anyway. I wonder if we'll see more of Reloaded at the Game Awards. I know it's not one of the huge games but I'm sure a few mobile games will be shown there anyway, so it's possible.

dcw123 07-12-20 12:23


Originally Posted by killchan (Post 8257905)
my quick thought on SE's dualistic approach on the franchise

This ^

Trying to use Classic Lara and classic fans to fall back on - because they messed up on Avengers.

I just pray this does really really well and S.E change their minds somehow.
LC Go did very well.. that should have been an indicator - and we never got a sequel.

I honestly don't think another reboot game would be viable .. something needs to change.
Give Lara to another developer if needs be.

Tombraider95 07-12-20 13:58

I don't think they've done this mobile game because The Avengers flopped. This would have been planned all year either way.

Chamayoo 10-12-20 06:23

Well here some footage already. :o

Joey79100 10-12-20 07:11

I had very low expectations. But it still wasn't low enough. Oh boy.

Classic Lara is nothing more than a milk machine for Square. Classic fans wanted classic Lara, classic TR elements, etc? Well Square listened to you guys!

But they were playing "Corrupt a wish". :D

Cezar 10-12-20 07:34


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8259310)
Well here some footage already. :o


CroftEmi 10-12-20 08:09

I don't like the looks, but I like the idea of a new classic Tomb Raider. Dont't really play on mobile but it might be worth a try.

UroshUchiha 10-12-20 09:21

Wait that's it? I thought this was a meme video at first.
Wow, this game is dead on arrival for me after this clip.

leoarcie 10-12-20 09:33

Dude... This is horrible :vlol:

klona 10-12-20 09:48


i truly believe we are in the worst case scenario

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