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CircusBabysGal 28-09-20 16:02

Tomb Raider Chronicles 20th Anniversary
It seems as tho no one is aware of Chronicles hitting its 20th Anniversary soon! Where are yall, anyways, why don't we all show some love to TRC by telling people your personal opinions for it without being restricted to only saying your dislikes or likes :)

Felix Kroft 28-09-20 19:21

Spank me, but i love Chronicles way more than The Last Revelation.

TR 5 is magical in some way.

I remember my first time playing it, 20 years ago.

Fall / Winter outside, it was getting darker, wind blowing, home alone, sitting in front of tv, on huge bed, in my pajamas, cool time.

Every episode had something super creepy about it.
And everytime that i replay TR 5 it feels like it's sunday :D

I just can't explain, but it just feels like that to me.

Felipe 29-09-20 00:17

That means is also TRLE's 20th anniversary.
People love to bash TRC but it gave us the level editor, and it's the gift that keep on giving. Kudos to Core for bundling it with TR5 and making sure old school Lara never dies.

ATombRaiderFan 29-09-20 08:52

Happy Birthday Chronicles! Here's a few screenshots from my last playthrough.





UroshUchiha 29-09-20 09:11

Happy 20th birthday TRC!
I have to agree with Felix, I prefer TRC to TR4.
TR4 was just too much of everything and it was so confusing to me as a child when I first played it to a point I didn't even finish it back then. Then came TRC and I was in love again with Tomb Raider. Just those happy nostalgia memories.

ATombRaiderFan 29-09-20 14:08


Tomb Raidering 29-09-20 15:53

Happy 20th Anniversary Chronicles!


Originally Posted by Felix Kroft (Post 8242663)
Spank me, but i love Chronicles way more than The Last Revelation.

TR 5 is magical in some way.

Spill. I’m glad I ain’t the only one who thinks like this... :D

Chamayoo 29-09-20 16:27

I will wait November 15th before saying anything ! :p

Kapu 29-09-20 23:27

I remember my mom buying this game for me at the store and me being so excited to play it on the car ride home.

WTF that was 20 years ago. Holy smokes

LateRaider 30-09-20 18:50

happy 20 years of pierrson

oh and to tomb raider: chronicles... hi

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