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Stryke 23-10-20 15:17

Chronicles on W10
How can you possibly play this at all? I have the downloaded version and the disk and they both don't work. The ratio always messes up and I'm getting crashes all over the place. Any help?

TR1249 23-10-20 15:43

Specs? You ran the setup?

Stryke 23-10-20 15:47

I have windows 10 Pro Intel i5-2500 .30GHz 64bit. I ran the setup and everything but the ratio always messes up even when I correct it different ways. It also has slowdown and crashes when I load the inventory.

CircusBabysGal 23-10-20 16:08

Can you tell us what your settings are? Perhaps post a picture?
Would also like to know what your desktop resolution is, maybe 1920x1080?

Stryke 23-10-20 18:23

It's 1080p my resolution. I run Tr4 a lot. I uninstalled everything. Now I'm trying the disk version. The install won't pop up. I have a bootleg version but the ratio is messed up and it freezes. Even playing with the setting doesn't work. If I just run it fun the disk. It has slowdown and immediately crashes on the inventory.

ANoDE 23-10-20 19:34

I'm using a combination of the "Tomb Raider 2, 3, 4 Widescreen Patch" (which conveniently also works for TR5) and dgvoodoo2, and it works perfectly (well almost - there sometimes are playback issues for the FMVs but I don't mind).

I'm using the GOG version.

Have a look here for more information (and the tools I mentioned):

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