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Nina Croft 30-06-19 21:42

Problems with fixed cameras / camera target
Hi, my fellow raiders and builders,

A very strange problem occurred in TRNG with cameras, and I am desperate. I have no idea how to solve it. This problem NEVER appeared in other levels, until now, in this one single level.

So, the level has two or three flyby sequences, and several fixed cameras and camera targets. Triggering is "old-fashioned" or classical, as in old Editor. Everything works fine in other levels, but in this one, I have a huge problem.

Once the first flyby sequence has been triggered and finished, the fixed cameras with camera targets and timers don't work. Cameras that follow Lara work fine.

For this particular level, cameras are really important, they are puzzle-related. And flybys are optional, but they are still too amazing to simply be removed from the level. When I remove them or don't trigger them in the level, fixed cameras work normally...

What am I missing here?

Tombraider95 30-06-19 21:58

Have you tried using a rollingball trigger?

Nina Croft 30-06-19 22:25

Well, not in this particular instance... On my way to do it!
I really hope this will work... Will let you know. Thanks!

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