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charmedangelin 12-08-18 03:12

It pretty much says they pulled it because there is no longer support for the games to function on modern devices. I can guess that Square didn't want to shell out money to hire a support team for the mobile versions of Tomb Raider since Real Tech left them so they just pulled them off the market to spare them headaches and loss of profits.

Dustie 20-08-18 19:00


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 7939979)
This from the studio.

I guess the next question should be are they coming back?

alf717 01-09-18 18:54

I always had different results from phone to phone with these games. I could never figure out why they ran slow or just right when going from phone to phone. I would like to see these game come to the Switch or something though. I wish I could of seen the video/screen of what Realtech VR was doing with TRIII.

MattTR 02-09-18 15:43

Luckily I already have the both of them purchased.. But the sad part is that if they ever come back, it’ll be a whole new file and we’ll have to rebuy them. :cries: I hope one day we get the classic games remade like Crash and Spyro. :(

Legends 03-09-18 11:46

I believe I read that they aren't gonna update or support the apps anymore, so instead of doing maintenance they just decided to take them down. If you already purchased them you can re-download them though. Just go to AppStore, click on your picture (top right corner) then click purchased and you'll get a list of all the previous downloaded and purchased apps. As far as I know these can be deleted and re-downloaded anytime.

Denis 21-11-18 01:53

That's a bummer. I just looked em up and they are nowhere to be found. Having already purchased TR2 I don't really mind because it's in my phone already. Never planning on deleting that.

It's a shame they abandoned em. I seriously can't imagine em being that difficult to maintain/update for newer phones. I have a Sony Xperia Z5 and they run gracefully on it. I don't understand how they can't be compatible with newer phones but wth, they know better (not).

thabani33 21-11-18 04:07

They just dislike Classic TR, no surprise.

Boobandie 03-12-18 09:34


Originally Posted by WWETombRaider (Post 7941196)
Oh crap. I interpreted that as "we'll review and re-upload". :(

Yeah that basically boils down to;

"Those games don't fit with the new image that we want to have for this franchise, so we're gonna pretend the don't exist."

ActuallyArlow 03-12-18 19:33

I just started playing a few days ago, am on 'A Canyon of a thousand Snakes'. Also I noticed there was a Just Cause outfit, did they update the game for the upcoming JC4? Or has the outfit always been there

Jontif 21-09-20 10:23

I had TR1 and 2 plus gold on iOS using PS4 controller to play and was working well on iOS 13. However on updating to ioS14 today it’s seems to have killed them. RIP classic tomb raider sad as was playing the gold versions too with the updated textures and dont have a computer to play them on.

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