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SrDanielPonces 22-07-19 16:19

Thank you guys!!!

matrix54 22-07-19 21:07

Everything here is so cute. :admles:

LoreRaider 23-07-19 00:18



I just found out I love creating underwater areas now :vlol:

matrix54 23-07-19 02:50

Whatever that is, it’s perfect.

turneraider 23-07-19 04:03

Wow Lore that’s amazing! Can’t wait to play!!

disapearing-boy 23-07-19 10:20

Lore, that is absolutely beautiful.:D

DJ Full 23-07-19 16:20

Lighting is almost perfect but a bit of wallpaper is still there.
Wasn't there a secondary wall pattern in that pack?

dinne 23-07-19 20:44

// sorry, nothing, I solved

Osvaldo 24-07-19 03:55

Bueno, he terminado mi nivel. :)

¿Ahora qué hago? :3


Well, I have finished my level. :)

What do I do now? :3

(Google Translate)

AgentXP 24-07-19 15:28

That was fast :eek: You might want to consider getting your level beta tested, one of the mods can give you access to the testing forum if you ask them. Once that is complete, participants need to please send me their entries, so that I can ensure that they are all published at the same time once the competition is complete.

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