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Sabatu 17-08-19 10:52


Originally Posted by GabrielCroft (Post 8121620)
This is gorgeous!

🙇:). The original idea was pyramid-like tr4, but i thought it would be just another pyramid and i made one in my mystery of lost pyr. So I made a broken pyramid and only with the top(broken) of the pyramid visible

Raider99 17-08-19 11:27


Originally Posted by LoreRaider (Post 8121723)

I love it! Somehow, it looks so peaceful even though it's definitely a very dangerous place. :p

LeelooBastet 17-08-19 20:56


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8121727)

I love what Leeloobastet and LoreRaider did ! Impressive !!

It's not mine but Sabatu's :)

DaroRaider 18-08-19 11:53

Hello there,
I'm about to finish a customized level and ready to send it to Prager for publishing. So, now I think that I will have enough time to join this competition :D
Feder suggested me to participate so I will give a try, count me in! ;)

I will use dxTre3d as editor and working for tr3 engine.
My theme is Antarctica (tr3) + Sleeping with the fishes ( tr3 gold ) combined with some resources from tr2 engine.

DroneSpencer 18-08-19 12:08

So, Also I can finally show you some pictures of my work...

The timer will not be shown in-game (forgot to turn him off)

Because I use TR2 textures so I use only shades of white lights.

(Ruins of floating temple entrance)

(Temple entrance = place you enter after floating part)

Final BOSS arena + way out (work in progress)

stay tuned for more info

I know I won't win but I hope you like it.

PhryneCroft 18-08-19 14:02

Would anyone want to test my CaC level? Just write me a PM if you are interested. :)

dcw123 18-08-19 19:26

Lara : "Hmm.. I wonder what those channels are used for?"

Intro to a small dynamic puzzle which will trigger certain events as Lara makes her way back up to the Library's higher floors.


Featuring some 'new' textures - room lacks any real lighting at the moment, but I wanted to show it off regardless

EDIT: Noticed a major game breaking design flaw in my level and I really don't wanna change rooms around.
Basically I showed off a room with two floors and a balcony. Turns out, if Lara doesn't open the ground floor doors and goes to the first floor balcony, she can jump off and fall down - becoming trapped in the room with no way out (since she cannot open double doors from both sides)

I thought about activating a flipmap to turn the doors 180 so Lara could exit, but this would mess up if Lara HAD opened them earlier...
Then I was tempted to make a fake paper thin wall to hide the balcony off, but I have another idea. I'm gonna make a static broken version of the double doors - so Lara can enter/exit from both sides - while also keeping with the theme of the room (instead of having no door at all which would look odd being the only one out of 6 with no door)

There we go - much better..


sackboy123 18-08-19 20:37

Getting them TR4 Beta vibes already, nicely done

Reggie 18-08-19 22:24

Rebuilt a large area of the level the last few days. Result of texturing and lighting this evening:



Deathly Karma 18-08-19 22:37

Very nice Reggie! Everyone's levels are looking really good! :D

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