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DroneSpencer 27-08-19 22:16


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8125741)
Be careful where you swim to!

xD Sinister :D nice trap :D

MBog 27-08-19 22:22

Is Lara headless after that death ? :yik:

SrDanielPonces 27-08-19 22:43


Originally Posted by MBog (Post 8125745)
Is Lara headless after that death ? :yik:



Teone 27-08-19 22:57


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8125741)

This is a spoiler! :D
I'll watch out for that cave when I'll play your game :p

dcw123 28-08-19 16:25


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8125752)

That.. is.. so.. awesome!!
Always loved water levels so can't wait for this

Wanted to show more of my level but I didn't want to spoil too much - it involved another main hall with altered textures.
The walls are darker, dirtier and gives the feeling that this section of the library is much older than the sections above..

Howaito 28-08-19 19:05

edit resized

AkyV 28-08-19 19:53

^Please resize those images. They are very huge. 1024x768 is the limit.

DroneSpencer 28-08-19 21:27

I hope there will be a long time for voting.
So many amazing projects... I want to play them all and enjoy them every second.

CheshireBitch 30-08-19 10:05

I finished to build my level, I had to be fast because I'm starting work next week and I don't think I'll have enough free time to continue building. It's working well, I hope I will have time to fix minor issues. (One more sound issue but it's not all over the place and kind of funny when it happens). Some collisions issues and visual issues but nothing that breaks the game.

I think I didn't do too bad at recreating the mood of the TRC rome level. You'll see in the levels that 99% of the buildings do not have a "roof" on the outside, as she's mainly in the streets it's not too bad looking but I had to delete them because I was running out of rooms...
It still has a very strong "fanmade" feel imo, even if I've never been incredible at this, it shows that I didn't build for a couple of years. lol

I hope you will like the level, it's not worth winning the competition (especially compared to all the amazing stuff we see in this topic) but I think it's a pretty cool level and I'm very happy I participate to this second celebration of the classics ! It takes me 35 minutes to complete it (knowing everything) but without a clue and without exploring every corner you might miss some key elements that will make you backtrack a little bit to found them. And some other things are not right in your face so, I guess it's more like 40/45 minutes without looking for the secrets.

Here's some screenshots. I tried to let it be "ugly" to fit the classic rush released feel of TRC. :D


(I hope the screenshots are not too big for the forum, if so please let me know)
Thanks again to the people in this topic that talked me though my lack of inspiration with my initital south pacific idea ! :) )

Reggie 30-08-19 14:02

Bit of an Easter Egg but also related to the story. :D


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