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DroneSpencer 30-08-19 21:09

CaC 2019
Hi, there is new info about my project.

Difficulty: HARD / EXTREME

1st reason:
It is simple, you begin with 1 small med-pack. You can find only a few (approx 2-3 small med-packs located normally in-game) In my level are more of them in some of 3 secrets.

Now I have to beta-test my level once again because I totally change the boss fight. In the previous version on the end of level I end with just 1 small med-pack.

I hope that this will not change significantly cause there are no more places where I can place some med-pack.

2nd reason:
Enemies are cruel and ruthless. They attack with deadly force.

3rd reason:
A player that does not search for secrets have only basic pistols for level. Uzis and SixShooter are in secrets.

4th reason:
Some tricky jumps and puzzles that can stop you for a while.

Play times:
Author: on average 60 minutes (best time 57 worst 63)
1st beta tester: on average 2 hours (this beta tester played Tomb Raider for 3rd time)
2nd beta tester on average 70 minutes (played Tomb Raider in past approx 10 years ago)
3rd beta tester: on average 65 minutes (active Tomb Raider player)

Other beta testers did not send me their times. For now, the map was played and tested 18 times (6x 3runs). New tests are incoming.

Warning: Playtime can slightly change due to BOSS fight changes.

I know, my map is not best, but I hope you enjoy it.
Last information you got 30th September (then I send a project to AgentXP cause I have no more time until playing and voting)

Sorry for bad English.

SrDanielPonces 30-08-19 21:19

I guess some people like a challenge, but what's the point of making something so hard? Takes all the fun for me at least :(

I'm sure your level is great nevertheless :tmb:

CheshireBitch 30-08-19 21:31

I'm very curious how you make a boss fight hard in classic Tomb Raider or in Tomb Raider at all ! Every boss in classic games are basically shooting at them until they die.

Teone 30-08-19 22:11

Do you want to know my opinion about hard enemies and bosses?
[spoiler]G-U-N cheat :ton:

Tomb Raidering 30-08-19 22:15


Originally Posted by Teone (Post 8126820)
Do you want to know my opinion about hard enemies and bosses?
[spoiler] what’s this? :ton:

And if that doesn’t work: H-E-L-P


Originally Posted by CheshireBitch (Post 8126651)

My god, this is magnificent! IMO, TRC is so underrated, there’s nearly no TRC themed levels apart from VCI-like TRLEs. But one thing I suggest is, don’t use the crossbow since it doesn’t belong to TRC, it’s your choice, but I think the Revolver and Lasersight would be enough for shooting puzzles if there’s any. :) This and dinne’s Russian levels are going to be my first-play levels in this competition.

DroneSpencer 30-08-19 22:28

To SrDanielPonces:

The difficulty was set up on HARD/EXTREME just by the response of my beta-testers.

Those 4 reasons are summarisation of their response to me.

For those who play Tomb Raider more often, for them it can be easier, but I can't say until you play in an official time where we got space to play all projects and vote.

Enemies are not so hard if you can think about the game situation and response in real-time. If you just go "without your brain" and do not think about the actual situation than you fail.

To CheshireBitch:

Yah you are right, but for example if you made some traps in the arena etc than you must work with terrain and also with the enemy.

To Teone:

ditto SrDanielPonces:


I hope that it is now more clear, do not worry, I think that it is quite easy but I am an author so I know what to expect.

I hope that at least one of you reach final credits...

Teone 30-08-19 22:40

I was joking, DroneSpencer. :p I used that cheat only in The Sacred Emerald by Seth94. If there are fewer enemies in your game, I can do it!

croftyboy 30-08-19 23:47

I've found out that Scotland textures are just edited India textures so I also use them, without breaking the context ofc.


Not related with this screen but I'm currently making a curel fire puzzle. I like my Lara tender and crispy. :tea:

CheshireBitch 31-08-19 08:42

@Tomb Raidering : Thank you so much for your comment !! I'm so glad you like it so much ! :jmp:

About the crossbow, it's the unreleased one some people found in the files of the game, I thought it would be funny to add it and for people who like to use it but it's not playing a part in gameplay so you can not pick it up if you don't want to it won't stop you from finishing the level ! ;)

@croftyboy: great screenshot !! :)

dinne 31-08-19 09:26


Originally Posted by DroneSpencer (Post 8126825)
The difficulty was set up on HARD/EXTREME

Yeyyy I like difficult games, but I like also to feel rewarded after challenges, that can be with an item, a beautiful area, or even just a music of relieving mood after an area of dangers and darkness :D
And it's not so banal to set up.


My level is difficult too, but not extreme. I changed some animations of the enemies to make them attack you more directly instead of walking around before hitting (they do it anyway, but a bit less) and they give a little bit more damage (not much, just "realistic"). I added little TR2 rats that run everywhere smoothly and fast like Lara almost, and that give a little bit more damage too, because let's be honest, rats have been always just a filler. Enemies are sometimes placed strategically in places where you get more damaged. This is not to add frustration, but to give a why to the other weapons and to make the experience more badass (most of the times I play levels with guns only...).
The level is also difficult in terms of observation, to understand where to go. Often, in places where you'd expect a secret, you find the path to go.

And I added funny little things that depict stereotypes of what you can expect from raw Russian workers. Because I liked when Core Design exaggerated things on the stereotypes, adding some ridiculous details. :) Also the submarine chef got badassness with his knife.

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