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Topixtor 14-09-19 00:28

Just letting you know that I'm actually working on something...



Not so sure anymore about making it in time - however the level layout is halfway completed and the next half is already 90% planned in my head.
The majority of the work will be detailing and fixing every little issue, as always... not to mention enemy AI is pretty wacky sometimes.

Not running into any major limits for now, but since it's a monastry level sometimes the "5 enemies active at once" limit can be stupid... hoping to limit that as much as I can do, but in one particular room this will happen 100% (unless, of course, you go reckless killing every monk in your sight, but this shouldn't be done on the first playthrought :p ).

Really hope to relase it in time, even if real life is pretty crazy for me these days between study, health care etc. - Every other level seems fantastic here, can't wait to try them out! :D

Baslakor 14-09-19 03:46

Probably my favorite level in the whole series. Your atmosphere feels spot on!

matrix54 14-09-19 05:06

Can these be finished now?


sampiza 14-09-19 13:24

Hope to finish in time as well.


Reggie 14-09-19 14:53


Originally Posted by matrix54 (Post 8131266)
Can these be finished now?


Just started testing. :o

bigfoot 14-09-19 17:42

There are a lot of very beautiful levels :jmp:.
I hope most of you can release thier level in time :).

For me, I don't know.
I have 2 levels finished, a very small one (5/10 min of gameplay) and a big one (45 min). I divide in 2 levels because I reached the numbers of boxes.
The third is about 20 % finished.

Soooo, even if I not finish in time I will certainly release the adventure curent end 2019 :D

Topixtor 14-09-19 21:08


Originally Posted by Baslakor (Post 8131256)
Probably my favorite level in the whole series. Your atmosphere feels spot on!

Thanks :D I also love the setting of your entry, hope you can finish it in time :)

Uzi master 14-09-19 22:15

Increasing the enemy limit is permitted, unless that's actually TR2 engine? But then too many enemies just results in some flickering.

tayr 14-09-19 22:33

Is this the point if TR4 is better than TR2, because TR2 fits more enemies than TR4? :confused:

Uzi master 14-09-19 22:37

I'm not sure quite what you're asking. TR2 handles enemies above the limit better, I think, though I can't remember exactly what TR4 does when too many enemies are around.

If you are using TR4, then both TREP and TRNG let you increase the limit.

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