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sampiza 05-07-19 16:57

Can i use trng special triggers? Like for example a countdown timer, Globaltriggers, etc...

SrDanielPonces 05-07-19 17:41

I'm going to quote the rules:


Originally Posted by AgentXP (Post 8105943)
  • Animations from TR5 such as crawl-flip-out, swingpole and tightrope are allowed. (Builders are encouraged to make use of the faster shimmy/climb-up anims or a new standing pose anim if they wish :))
  • Custom scripts are allowed if the results still feel in keeping with the classic theme (Custom flares are allowed)
  • Dxtre3D, TRNG, FLEP and Tomb Editor are all permitted, use whichever engine you wish, just maintain a classic feel!
  • 128 bit resized versions of the original textures can be used if preferred

Sabatu 05-07-19 18:45


Originally Posted by matrix54 (Post 8106953)
Well, darn. :vlol:


There are always alternatives!

Gorgeous there is really small number of submarine levels

sampiza 05-07-19 19:08


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8107043)
I'm going to quote the rules:

Thx, so it just needs to feel "classic", i asked just to be sure about this.

I'm already testing some stuff :D



DJ Full 05-07-19 19:20


Originally Posted by Dustie (Post 8107027)
Because of the widescreen?

Yeah. TREP at least gives some hope instead of none...

LoreRaider 05-07-19 20:56

I love those screens sampiza! The night time is so on point on that outside area :D
The other screen needs some work with the lighting which looks a bit flat on the ceiling imo, but other than that good job :)

Meanwhile I've used ChocolateFan FLEP patch for dark reflections, I'm in love with that :D

Titak 05-07-19 21:09

Looks very good in this case. Fits the night setting very well. :tmb:

dcw123 05-07-19 21:17

Changed my mind - I'm gonna do a TR4 level inspired by the Beta of Lost Library.
I always remember this demo on PSX for some reason, and I like the aesthetics.

sampiza 05-07-19 21:39

Thanks for the tip Lore! Your level looks great, these dark reflections really help for night levels. :)

Dustie 05-07-19 21:53


Originally Posted by DJ Full (Post 8107083)
Yeah. TREP at least gives some hope instead of none...

The AutomaticFOV plugin for TRNG adds correct aspect ratio in full screen, however in windowed mode the stretching is still there... so streamers would probably still find a way to stream it stretched :p

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