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Titak 15-11-11 14:16

List of projects going on
Works in progress

Adventures of a Tomb Raider - Chambers of Neptune by Underworld2008

The Beginning by GeckoKid

Castle Kriegler by Ruu11
The Catacombs of Fate by bagas
Caverns of Time by KurtisandLara
The Cryptic Mansion (Working Title) by tombraiderxii
The Curse of Amen-Ra by AgentXP

Dark City Part 2 by Milan Penčić Lima
- Demo released on 26 June 2018
Darkness Awakens by Lara Coft Baby
The Dragon Eyes of Kublai Khan by rufierto
Dystopian Adventures by Level NextGen

Echo's of Antarctica / Etc by tombraiderxii
- On hold
Emporia by Kevin
- Demo released on September 5 2014
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: The Cave of Fire and Night by The BloodRed

Forsake by bagas

Ghana Reimagined by Zolee




King Tut's Summer Home by Zreen001

Lara Croft and the Book of the Dead by boobandie
Lara Croft and the Circlet of Time by Klona
Lara Croft and The Clepsydra of Time by MBog
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider : The Legacy of the Sun by TR-Freak
The Legend of King Arthur - part 2 by l.m.
Lost In The Canyons (Full Version) by tombraiderxii
The Lost Temple of Atlantis - Icy Towers by Richard_trle

Magic powers part 1: past-present by raiderromero
Many Worlds, One Sky by TheTiger
Mayan Realm by Level NextGen
Mists of Avalon by Titak
- Mists of Avalon - First Clues has been released
- Working on Mists of Avalon part 2


Orion's Constellation by Level NextGen

Project Time of Shadows by A_De
Protected by the Dead by Matie


Rath of the Element 115 by GameGlitcher77
Return to the City of the Dead by Wrebbit
Revelations IV by Roli
- Demo (Curse of the Sword) was released on 28 January 2013
Rewritten History by Newraider75

Secrets of Palace Midas by GameGlitcher77
- On hold
Silent Hill by MpGrill
Snowblind by teme9
Spirit of the Mountain by JMN
Sub Rosa: Tactical Stealth Action by The BloodRed

Temple of Anubis by DVDSpike
Temple of the Forgotten Sands by tombraiderfrea
The Heart of Time by Octo
TMB by Nemo20
Tomb Raider II: The Ancient Jade Mask by Danath
Tomb Raider II - Revisioned by DVDSpike
Tomb Raider III - Back to the Past by Sabatu
Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation - Definitive Edition by AoDfan and TheTiger
Tomb Raider IV - The Sanctuary of Light by tombraider1703
Tomb Raider IV - Seth's Calamity by Raider99

Tomb Raider: Above the Horizon by maax87
- - Demo released on April 9th 2019.
Tomb Raider - Adventures In The East by DeafEater
Tomb Raider: Anniversary II by SrDanielPonces
Tomb Raider: Atlantis? by Tjw croft
Tomb Raider: Dark Destiny by DVDSpike
- - Postponed. Thread closed for now.
Tomb Raider: Darwin's Mind by Crischanneedst
Tomb Raider: Forgotten Glory by ThiagoTR
Tomb Raider: Fragments of Destiny by Reggie
Tomb Raider: Ghosts of the Past by Adaethus
Tomb Raider Greek Caves by Kosmos
Tomb Raider: Hammer of Eternity by Tombguardian
Tomb Raider: Labyrinth by ajewers
Tomb Raider - Lost in the Mist by LCEF (CA)
Tomb Raider: Mythology by wdavid
Tomb Raider: Relics of Power by Seth94
Tomb Raider: Resident Evil by Wolf 7
Tomb Raider Return To Rest by TombRaiderTim
Tomb Raider: RMS Titanic by tomb2player

Tomb Raider - The Ancient World by klona
Tomb Raider The Cradle Of Life by CheshireBitch
Tomb Raider - The Crystal Skulls - Part3 by Matie, Tombraider95 and Moylen
Tomb Raider The Curse of the Dead by Sarah_Hardy
Tomb Raider - The Find by 99 Times
Tomb Raider: The Four Elements by Emanuelcroft
Tomb Raider The Journey by Sabatu
Tomb Raider - The Last Remnant by coffemaker3000
Tomb Raider: The Legend of Anubis by egypt_gypsie
Tomb Raider: The Little Things by Uzi master
- - Prologue released on January 20th 2014-
Tomb Raider - The Lost Dominion by The Team.
Tomb Raider: The Mystery - The Reveal by teme9
Tomb Raider: The Pendant Of Lamia by aidanmalone
Tomb Raider - The Seraph of Life by Ray Croft

Unravelled Legends by Light A Flare
The Untold History by Moylen

Varuna's Fury by julien

War of the Worlds by maati139
Wrath Of Lamia by aidenmalone
- on hold

Xmas Day by Level NextGen




Titak 15-11-11 14:19

Released projects

Ancient Artefact II by maax87
- released 21 March 2015

Behind Closed Doors by CelticGuard
- released 08 August 2014

Catacombs at Dusk by afzalmiah
- Released on 06 November 2011
Coyote Creek 2 by GMac, EssGee, Cowboy and Titak
- Released on 29 October 2012

Don't Kill the Monkeys! by Dino14
- Released on 3 July 2019
Dracula's Return by Clara, Masha and Sponge
- Released on 3 June 2013

Eiszeit 3/24 by Clara, Masha, and Sponge
- Released on 21 May 2018



Hypersquare by psiko
- Released 12 April 2014



Kurtis Trent: Fire and Ice by kevindatsun
- Released 16 March 2013

Lara Croft: Land of the Zombies "REMASTERED" by kevindatsun
- Released 02 December 2011
The Lost City of Varaldun by Mytly
- Released 19 March 2013
The Lost Secret Of Egypt by Mehrbod (TheLostSecret)
- Released 18 December 2019
Lost Temple of the Pyrenees by Danath
- Dxtre3D project: TR2 engine
- Released 15 July 2017

Mists of Avalon - First Clues
- Released 24 December 2011

Neptune's Lost Palace by rufierto
- Released 9 August 2015
Nightmare in Vegas
- Released 15 December 2018 (LLB Advent Calendar)


Path to Damnation - Horror/Adventure by mathew9r
Released 7 October 2017
Pearl of Kojada by maax87
Released 27 November 2017
The Peridot of Sinooh by jungle raider
Released 15 October 2012


Return to the Pacific, Dutchy's Rescue by rufierto

Search for the Ora Dagger by Ray Croft
- Released 1 Januari 2017
Shalebridge Murder Mystery by Richard Lawther
- Released 8 July 2015

Temple of the Lost Baboon by FloTheMachine
- Released 05 February 2012
Tomb Raider - Episode 1 by God Horus
- Released 26 February 2013
Tomb Raider - Forgotten Remnants by Caesum
- Released 08 November 2014
Tomb Raider Shattered Ties by sampiza
- Released 30 April 2018
Tomb Raider - The Broken Kingdom by HAHA LOOOL XD
- Released 04 October 2011
Tomb Raider: The Citadel by Talos Munera
- Released 10 July 2017
Tomb Raider - The Crystal Skulls - Part1 by Matie, Tombraider95 and Moylen
- Released 13 June 2011
Tomb Raider - The Crystal Skulls - Part2 by Matie, Tombraider95 and Moylen
- Released 23 February 2014
Tomb Raider: The Haunted Mansion by GabrielCroft
- Released 01 August 2010
Tomb Raider: The Sacred Emerald by Seth94
- Released 25 October 2011
Tomb Raider: Search for the Golden Mask by Seth94
- Released 17 October 2013
TR: Temple of the Moon by mathew9r
- Released 31 May 2016
The Triangle of Light - Prequel by KingdomHearts
- Released 12 November 2011
Tomb Raider: The Reflection of Eternity by teme9
- Released 08 June 2012







6 ROOM LEVEL - Adventures of Lara Croft by HAHA LOOOL XD
-Released 01 May 2012
20x20x20 Challenge - Palace of Himeros by tombraider1703
- Released 26 December 2014

afzalmiah 15-11-11 17:25

I just want to say you can get rid of my Catacombs at dusk level because it is released

Raider99 15-11-11 18:25


Titak 15-11-11 20:10


Originally Posted by afzalmiah (Post 5818007)
I just want to say you can get rid of my Catacombs at dusk level because it is released


I made the "Released projects" list and posted your level there.
I'm thinking of posting released projects in that list for about half a year.

Matie 15-11-11 20:13


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 5817857)

This game has also been released a couple of days ago. :)

afzalmiah 15-11-11 20:13

I think it is a pretty good idea. You can also put the sacred emerald there too :). (My level was released at Eid! :jmp:)
EDIT: I see Matie already posted about The Sacred Emerald

THOR2010 15-11-11 20:24

u can remove the guilded man its no longer in progress!

Titak 15-11-11 20:58

Done. :D


Originally Posted by Matie (Post 5818289)
This game has also been released a couple of days ago. :)

Make that a couple of weeks. :p
Added to the "released levels" list. :D

ggctuk 15-11-11 21:48


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 5817857)
Tomb Raider II Memories [remake] by Phys and team

Wasn't this one cancelled?

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