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Nawebu 21-11-19 01:30

TR4 and TR5 CDs on Windows 10
Hi Folks! I've been playing TR for many years, and I still own all the original CDs. I can get 1-3 and the gold levels to install by installing them in Safe mode, but I can't get TR4 or TR5 to run correctly on Windows 10. TR4 doesn't even run at all (only the setup screen, and it is missing all the texture choices). TR5 will run but the FMVs are at 640x480 and it crashes when I use the Esc key. I tried the trupdate but it hasn't helped, and neither does it help to use compatibility modes. In fact, trupdate renders all my CD versions "unstartable."

I really don't want to have to use the Steam and GOG versions as the old CD versions have all the sound and FMVs, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help, and it is greatly appreciated!

Joey79100 21-11-19 21:28

For TR5 I remember having to play in windowed mode or without FMVs in order to have it playing correctly, because they crashed the game. But it was when I was still using W8 and early versions of W10.

For TR4, have you tried the Windows Vista patch (aka the multipatcher)? You have to run the patcher in compatibility mode (because it tries to check if you're using Vista and refuses to run otherwise...), but the games themselves don't have to be run with any compatibility mode after that I think.


Originally Posted by Nawebu (Post 8153691)
I really don't want to have to use the Steam and GOG versions as the old CD versions have all the sound and FMVs, etc.

What do you mean? Don't these versions have them as well?

Nawebu 23-11-19 02:51

Thanks for your reply! Yup, through trial and error I got them both to run. I have TR5 running great, but TR4 is windowed and the FMVs run in little 640x480 windows, but that's not too bad.

I ended up using dgVoodoo 2. If you simply place 4 files in the game folder, it works. I have to use Windows 98 compatibility mode Reduced Color mode.

I have TR5 running full screen at 2560x1440 this way.

Since they're unpatched, I might run into trouble later during game play.

I'm not sure actually as to whether the GOG and Steam versions have all the FMVs and music, etc., but in the past I'd heard they have problems.

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