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PinkyPromise 22-02-18 18:09

Alicia and Meagan together!

AntRaidsTombs 22-02-18 18:13

Can we discuss Alicia’s ponytail slay? lol

Tonyrobinson 22-02-18 18:13

Meagan definitely has the best job in the world. :p

Alicia being a Broken Sword fan. :cln:

Mickybyrne20 22-02-18 18:13

What the hell? I just got banned for 500 seconds from the stream.

LMAO[She just confirmed Lara never uses guns throughout the whole fim]

BluenoseGames 22-02-18 18:17

That was not worth pausing a HIMYM episode :hea:

Tonyrobinson 22-02-18 18:17

That was nice I wish the setup had of been better though. It was hard to focus with the technical hitches. :p

joona 22-02-18 18:17

That was short and unprofessional :vlol:

The1andOnlyTR 22-02-18 18:18

My stream cut out. Did Alicia say she’s glad that in the film Lara doesn’t use a gun?

BluenoseGames 22-02-18 18:18


Originally Posted by The1andOnlyTR (Post 7825106)
My stream cut out. Did Alicia say she’s glad that in the film

yep ...

James_Rutland 22-02-18 18:18

Mickybyrne yeah I'm not very pleased about that. At all...

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