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tlr online 07-06-08 17:02

:vlol: Lovin' the Rasta! :tmb:

x2crazyidiot 07-06-08 18:50


Originally Posted by JACOBryanBURNS (Post 2757773)
They tried to make me go to rehab....
I said ah-no, no, no.

WOW, best one by far haha

Underpus goes Winehouse style! :jmp:

black_sheepa 07-06-08 21:38

matrix54 07-06-08 21:41


Originally Posted by Sir Croft (Post 2757545)


Wana b like Lara 07-06-08 21:43

So ... what shall we call this one? Pus? Or is it 'Underpus' already?


NightWish 07-06-08 21:45

UI really liek teh pipe-thingies that support its head! :vlol:

dizzydoil 07-06-08 21:54

Lmfao; I love all of them! :tmb: WOOT Underpus! :vlol:

george_croft 07-06-08 22:06

Quasimodo 07-06-08 22:07

/\ :vlol:

black_sheepa 07-06-08 22:08

LOL, that Underpuss is cool ^^ Wannabe, hehe.

And another one from me:

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