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Dia2blo 09-06-08 00:44


Originally Posted by ChingKong (Post 2763464)
^:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:
you know what would make it even funnier, put laras face on the professor's and make the eyes looking in different directions with drool comin out of her mouth!

i would do, but there is a similar picture that someone already did :P

Leprechaun2010 09-06-08 03:21

navinloveslara 09-06-08 08:33

I wish Underworld would have just ONE button-mashing sequence so we could rip its tentacles off one by one.

Then poke its eyes out.

Maybe rip those horns off and use them as spears.


jaywalker 09-06-08 08:39

Aint fashionable to smoke anymore ;)

Only TR lover 09-06-08 11:05


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 2762763)
Underpus tries to appeal to children too!


:vlol: :vlol:The little underpus! :vlol:

Keir_Eidos 09-06-08 16:40


MrBear 09-06-08 16:43

Funny :D and yet a bit sad because it's sometimes the truth.. :)

george_croft 09-06-08 17:05


Dia2blo 09-06-08 17:14


Originally Posted by Keir_Eidos (Post 2764708)

Hey! I thought you were meant to be super busy! Now we all know what you do in your spare time!!! Also, can you request some kind of Underpus extra in the special features of Underworld pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase?

Rivendell 09-06-08 17:26


Originally Posted by Keir_Eidos (Post 2764708)


Originally Posted by george_croft (Post 2764792)

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol: Beyond brilliant! :D

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