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b0bb13 06-06-08 22:27

Thread of the month!:tmb:

*bows down to teh Underpus*

Rivendell 06-06-08 22:29

It's the new craze! The 'Lolpus'. :D

thevman 06-06-08 22:30

I wonder if the underpuss wears underwear? :confused: Or does it go commando??? :whi:

Cog 06-06-08 22:39


Rivendell 06-06-08 22:58

:D Dramatic look Underpus, makes me think of that 'Dun-Dun-Dahhhhh!' music.


tlr online 06-06-08 22:59

:vlol: Outstanding thread!

Ward Dragon 06-06-08 23:01

I love the image edits :vlol: :tmb:


Originally Posted by Spikey (Post 2757233)
I think it's a real octopus, suggested by the water disturbances around it's body. ;)

It would be kinda funny if it was a statue though, shimmying along it's tentacles and all that. :p

Or kill it and then shimmy along its corpse :mis:

Although, I wonder if it will be intelligent. Perhaps it will telepathically speak to Lara? On second thought, no. I won't be happy unless it sounds just like Tony Jay, and if it does then I'd be angry they copied and pasted from LoK :vlol:

Scia 06-06-08 23:13

Even though the ledges are obvious, I think the octopus will make things difficult for Lara. There are some poles that go right up next to his arms, I can just picture him being un-killable and knocking Lara around - making him a puzzle in which you have to time your navigation of the room around his attacks.

That would be awesome :jmp:

tlr online 06-06-08 23:14


Rivendell 06-06-08 23:15


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