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tampi 06-06-08 23:31

:eek: Now I can undertand "monty python's" rules :eek:

two hours!!!!!!!:o

Nausinous 06-06-08 23:33

This thread's got me in tears its soo funny :vlol:

Sir Croft 06-06-08 23:38


iamlaracroft 06-06-08 23:40

^the BEST one so far lol omg, i'm going to change my siggy right now...

Rivendell 06-06-08 23:45

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

JACOBryanBURNS 06-06-08 23:45


Originally Posted by Sir Croft (Post 2757545)

ZOMG! :vlol:

Ward Dragon 06-06-08 23:45

I love this thread :vlol: :jmp:

b0bb13 06-06-08 23:48

Dies of laughter!:D

Rivendell 06-06-08 23:48


tlr online 06-06-08 23:49


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 2757573)

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! :vlol:

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