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Jonnipants 22-08-23 12:31


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8408284)
Yeah no that's not appropriate, people worked their asses off for nothing. This game has been a clown show since day one and Embracer needs to pull the plug on it.

You should see the Discord right now....Oh boy, people are pissed off. Me included. It's such a shame. I was excited for this game solely for the element of classic Lara.

Oh well

zackboy 23-08-23 07:47


Originally Posted by GERTi (Post 8408238)
"The changes are part of a wider balance pass designed to enhance the overall dynamics of the game."
"We value our players"

LMAO people liked the golden pistols because it was the only balanced weapon in this unbalanced game.
They are just angry that some dedicated players got legendary golden pistols without paying.

jeffrey van oort 26-08-23 20:14

I've been playing Tomb Raider Reloaded for a while. I like Tomb Raider. I've noticed that there isn't a time when a rare or an epic plan became collectible. Do you know how to collect these plans? It would have been nice if you could craft these items by collecting 3, and crafting these plans. But the current version of Tomb Raider Reloaded didn't allow that.

Also. How do you collect the other outfits? I've only seen bomberjacket / classic outfit events.

I've read that someone else has had this happening, in a previous post, I've also lost my outfit rank in Tomb Raider Reloaded. I've just decided to wait untill level 99 to rank up with the classic outfit. The Classic outfit tickets stack I think.

I am level 74, currently, and I still am at the cistern. This is quite difficult to get through. But most entertaining.

amethyst 27-08-23 03:57

This was just...honestly, why? My son downloaded it on my phone when it became available in the US and lost interest quickly. Me, I never had any interest to begin with once I saw the gameplay.

Oh well. :ponder:

bieniek79 06-09-23 13:23


Originally Posted by GERTi (Post 8408287)

Does anyone here have version 1.4. I've been waiting for 2 weeks since the announcement of the new version and still nothing.

UroshUchiha 06-09-23 13:48


Originally Posted by bieniek79 (Post 8411135)
Does anyone here have version 1.4. I've been waiting for 2 weeks since the announcement of the new version and still nothing.

Yesterday on Discord:
Hello @everyone . The new update should be rolling out this week.
Apologies, for the delays.

Princess_Paige 26-09-23 05:45

What ever happened to Shelley, Judith and Jonell’ voices being added? They already recorded the lines, has it been cancelled?

charmedangelin 30-09-23 06:20

The way this game hasn't gotten any news or promotion since it went global. :vlol:

CheshireBitch 02-10-23 10:03

There is promotion, the TR official account talked about it for the big events like the AOD jeans outfit one.

What I think it’s very frustrating is that they never share informations about upcomming stuff like Egypt…

Also Nevada outfit is taking forever to arrive… I hope it’ll come with Egypt…

Chamayoo 02-10-23 13:29

After half a year without touching it I played the game again and the ad pop up works fine this time and I can finally play ads and get rewards !

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