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Amunet 08-09-21 18:41


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8319535)
Anaya and Von Croy make an appearance in the latest update.

Here's their character models:

Mikky 08-09-21 19:45

I'm turned on

charmedangelin 08-09-21 19:53

The fact that they brought Von Croy back is enough to get me back on the hype train.


I just noticed the red eyes, it's Von Croy when he's possessed by Seth. :jmp:

Edit 2

Ok this update was epic, the spider boss was incredible. Love the balancing changes too.

JuditePrince12 09-09-21 00:56

I love this inclusion of all the TR history and characters together. The unification is happening slowly but surely and its great!

TombRaiderTim 14-09-21 12:13

How long until they can release Reloaded for the rest of us, like in the UK? Kinda sucks.

andre_costa 16-09-21 18:07


Originally Posted by TombRaiderTim (Post 8320605)
How long until they can release Reloaded for the rest of us, like in the UK? Kinda sucks.

I agree.. all this time waiting is becoming a bit tiresome. But maybe they’ll release the game or announce the official release date in October since it’s the 25th anniversary of the first game. I guess that we’ll have to wait and see... however an official statement would be appreciated

charmedangelin 22-09-21 09:51

So I finally beat Tomb of Qualapec after being stuck on it for months. St. Francis is such a nice change. In some parts she does this neat little swimming animation. This level seems much more doable.

I hope they make some changes to Tomb of Qualapec because holy moly was that level ridiculous.

charmedangelin 23-09-21 01:08

Winston has been added to Tomb Raider Reloaded.

UroshUchiha 23-09-21 16:10

Apparently, the game is now available to download if you are from Canada.

bekim 26-09-21 00:54

Whoever designed City of Vilcabamba difficulty... come out... I just need to talk!

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