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HaniHeger 23-11-20 21:14

First impression was that from the designs it doesn't look like this game takes itself seriously, didn't really like how they changed her face too, it's very sad how we only get classic Lara from cellphone games nowadays, but man that last secret sound in the end, maaaan it gave me a rush, it probably isn't going to be my type of game but at least CLara isn't completely dead!

Mikky 23-11-20 21:23


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 8255059)
Oh wow! Ghost was right!
Boy do I feel silly.

Lmao! Gurl, I'm not on your side but this cracked me up. Your shade is endless

I really doubt Ghost was ever referring to this game anyway.

bekim 23-11-20 21:27


The Tomb Raider branding got me so excited. If only someone recorded my reaction when I saw the dual pistols and the scion at first :vlol:

Quebsenuef 23-11-20 21:30

Mobile games suck.. especially if theyíre coming from Squeenix.
Like the TR1 port for iOS.

They only upscaled half the game.. completely lazy

And now you canít even play it anymore.

Hope this isnít a train wreck but weíll see. If itís F2P then itís probably gonna have micro transactions everywhere.

Tomb Raidering 23-11-20 21:33

Lara Croft GO was a masterpiece.

HaniHeger 23-11-20 21:33

I wonder how much this game is going to impact future ones depending on how well it goes? :ponder: If it does go well maybe we'll get more CLara in actual games?

larafan25 23-11-20 21:40

What kind of game is it?

leomage 23-11-20 21:41

I don't care for mobile games but I just want to say I LOVE her design. I've been so sick and tired for CD's ugly attempts at "Classic Lara". I'm so happy they're not involved in this because this design team have shown them how to do it properly.

Just a shame it's not remakes in this style.

lance6439 23-11-20 21:48


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 8255106)
What kind of game is it?

An unnecessary one

charmedangelin 23-11-20 21:48


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8255102)
Lara Croft GO was a masterpiece.

People forget that, it's a shame.

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