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LGG_PRODUCTION 09-04-17 20:58

Hello there,
I found a bug about the frogman:
If you put him in a dry room he doesn't shoot.
Fixing this bug would allow us to create flying shooting enemies, for example Natla :)

Paolone 13-04-17 11:49

[QUOTE=Caesum;7723223]I have a question: did the last TRNG update change something in the way TRNG uses keyboard language? I am quite positive that either Room Editor or NG Center changes my keyboard language from PL to ENG. Since I'm on Windows 10 I cannot just delete ENG keyboard anymore, so I have to look for other ways to fix it.[/QUOTE]

Trng doesn't perform any change in keyaboard language.
That new [ENG] change borns from some windows10 update I believe. I have yet seen it appearing suddenly and I cann't remove it.

Paolone 13-04-17 11:50

[QUOTE=LGG_PRODUCTION;7730379]Hello there,
I found a bug about the frogman:
If you put him in a dry room he doesn't shoot.
Fixing this bug would allow us to create flying shooting enemies, for example Natla :)[/QUOTE]

I have neither thought to check if room is really flooded.
I could try to fix the problem about the shooting.
By the way, I see that also submarine works in same way.

Titak 13-04-17 14:25

Speaking of the diver enemy, wouldn't it be interesting if he could get in and out of the water? :ponder:
Then again, I guess him walking with his flippers on would be odd...

LGG_PRODUCTION 13-04-17 17:41

The submarine can shoot when flies, with a script line :)
Water enemies (hammerhead and frogman) could also drop when die, if they are in a dry room, instead of go up like a balloon :D

AODfan 20-04-17 11:17

The previous bug, where the game would crash when it tried to loop an audio track with the new Sound Engine disabled, has been fixed but it seems another bug was introduced :(
Now the game crashes when you trigger a new audio track. It seems to be random, sometimes I can trigger all of the audio tracks in a level without any crashes, but sometimes it crashes when I trigger the first one.

Joey79100 21-04-17 15:59

I have a heavy trigger [B]F145[/B] ([I]ItemGroup. Activate <&>ItemGroup with (E)Timer value[/I]) triggered when a flyby passes onto it. The trigger is in a flipmap room. The cameras are in the normal room obviously.
Before the update (can't tell which one, because I went straight from to with that level), it was working fine: the doors opened. Now, they still open, but close just after they're opened.

I haven't tested another situation yet with that trigger, but it was working fine before the update and I haven't touched that setup, so I suspect a bug from that trigger.

AkyV 23-04-17 23:56

Flame Emitter OCB:

[QUOTE]-2 or -7: it shots continuosly the flames in horizontal, following the direction of the cone. Apparently these two ocb values have the same result.[/QUOTE]

It is not quite true. The source of the flame is different. -2: the nullmesh, -7: the edge of the sector.

Titak 24-04-17 09:41

Not sure if we should call that a bug.
It can be usefull to have a flame start at the edge of a sector instead of always in the middle, where the nullmesh is.

So perhaps this could be left the way it is? :ponder:

AkyV 24-04-17 10:45

I wrote that so he can fix the description it in the Reference list. ;)
It is a reference bug. :)

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