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Tonyrobinson 18-05-12 20:47

Very impressive new pictures. :)

Is the podcast still happening tonight? :o

TippingWater 18-05-12 20:56

[QUOTE=Tonyrobinson;6175052]Very impressive new pictures. :)

Is the podcast still happening tonight? :o[/QUOTE]

I hope so :D.

Lukass 18-05-12 20:57

Doubt it.

_Awestruck_ 18-05-12 21:16

[QUOTE=just*raidin*tomb;6174984]I hope there a lot of E3 judges right now geeking out about the game. :pi:[/QUOTE]

If there is, they're doing it silently. They obviously had to swear themselves to secrecy, just like last year. :p

NRO. 18-05-12 21:23

Goddamnit Walmart.


Lukass 18-05-12 21:28

[QUOTE=NRO.;6175176]Goddamnit Walmart.


Wow! D':

Rai 18-05-12 21:38

[QUOTE=Lukass;6175202]Wow! D':[/QUOTE]

My sentiments exactly. It's nothing really new, it's just the description is so good :p

Linoshi Croft 18-05-12 21:39

The last point is stupid :p

Spong 18-05-12 21:41

[QUOTE=Linoshi Croft;6175245]The last point is stupid :p[/QUOTE]

If only because of the s in 'games'.

Cristina 18-05-12 22:10

Were i can find good quality of these pics? i only seen the bow and the corpse one,were did the others came from??:confused:i never seen them before:D


EDIT: Found it :p

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