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just*raidin*tomb 14-03-12 22:33


If we make his dreams come true he will fulfil ours.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=klona;6037304]Operation Pink Pony -Start!
Everyone send this picture!

Wtf is going on?

amiro1989 14-03-12 22:50

[QUOTE=larafan25;6037807]But why the other 2 months? Until the end of May? What is that?[/QUOTE]

To finish the beta and reach GOLD.

jhs270694 14-03-12 22:50

[QUOTE=Stevo505;6037813]They'd need another 4 months to reach beta? That doesn't make sense.[/QUOTE]
Dont forget these articles were written in jan, so they mean the 4 months from that time frame. And whats not to make sense? they said ATLEAST, not that it will. makes enough sense to me. as to why it would take another two months for beta, ask that to karl. i dont know lol

larafan25 14-03-12 22:54

Yeah, so 2 months for Alpha, which should end around the end of March (if it were a perfect world I guess) and then 2 months for Beta.

But by the time beta starts they could have pre-Alpha and pre-Beta comparison shots.

amiro1989 14-03-12 22:57

[QUOTE]In addition to confirming its alpha status, they went on to clarify that they expect to be in this stage for a [SIZE="7"]minimum[/SIZE] of two months, with another two or so dedicated to work with the beta version. So, with at least another four months to go, we can reasonably expect to see Tomb Raider go gold during the end of May at the earliest.[/QUOTE]


Don't forget that.

My guess is that Alpha will be less longer than Beta. So they might reach Beta at the end of this month, but they'll work on the Beta until release which is probably somewhere around September/October.

just*raidin*tomb 14-03-12 23:11

What is the point of this speculation? O.o

larafan25 14-03-12 23:12

It's the stupidest speculation actually...:p

We're speculating the date of when the Beta stage might begin as we've speculated we might get comparison screens. :/

amiro1989 14-03-12 23:14

Oh we're so desperate.


CLF 14-03-12 23:23

My guess is that you have all gone ****ing mad. :)

larafan25 14-03-12 23:26

elohel I wunt pleze has medya. :(

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