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Underhoe 29-01-12 23:59

[CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] Let's spam the forum with Lara until we get news.

NCFirebolt21 29-01-12 23:59

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]♪[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]It seems Karl Stewart can't do anything without his chicken fried and a cold beer.♪[/COLOR]

NightWish 30-01-12 00:00

[QUOTE=Underhoe;5945000][CENTER] Let's spam the forum with Lara until we get news.[/QUOTE]


Great pic btw

Underhoe 30-01-12 00:31

^Thanks. :p, or else...

larafan25 30-01-12 00:42

^her nose and the arch of her glasses look like a belly button. :p

We do technically have a thread in this section devoted to funny images of Lara. :pi:

Stevo505 30-01-12 00:51

[QUOTE=Underhoe;5945053]^Thanks. :p, or else...

:vlol: I love how your classic Lara is all badass and your reboot Lara is all like "oh noes D:"

Adrenaline 30-01-12 02:08

[QUOTE=Rai;5944945]*looks at last couple of thread pages*

Sooo...this is what boredom does to Lara fans. Right. *backs away slowly*


Karl, Meagan...we need help. If this isn't a cry for new stuff, nothing is. Save the rest us of from this madness!![/QUOTE]
Lol IKR?!

[QUOTE=Underhoe;5945000][CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] Let's spam the forum with Lara until we get news.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Underhoe;5945053]^Thanks. :p, or else...

Incredible art!!! :O :O :O
And I agree...

just*raidin*tomb 30-01-12 02:38

wut is goin on

tombstone 30-01-12 02:39

it appears this thread has gotten highjacked ------------________-----------

Lukass 30-01-12 02:39

[QUOTE=just*raidin*tomb;5945192]wut is goin on[/QUOTE]

People are getting bored. Won't blame them for that.

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