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MyRaider4Life 27-03-09 20:59

Tomb Raider Underworld Texture Thread
Hey Guys,

I will be posting all of the TRU Textures here and I have already made Thailand ones so I will have to track that down.
One thing about most of the Textures sheets is that they actually make it to 64 in TBuilder so Sorry but it is only able to be used in NGLE and Dxtre3d.
I can also make textures 128x128 If anybody needs them.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ts53pe - Mostly 256x256 some arnt.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/zup481 - 256x256

Jan Mayan Islands
http://www.sendspace.com/file/rq0k4p - 256x256

Next Up is Croft Manor. :jmp:

September.... 27-03-09 21:12

I think i'm gonna have a heart attack!
I've been searching everywhere for these!
Thank you!

Phys 27-03-09 21:20

Ooooh could be useful. Mostly the Jan Mayen island one. Thanks! :tmb:

September.... 27-03-09 21:26

I need the Croft Manor Textures.
Im not saying that I want them now, its just that I'm telling you:).

God Horus 27-03-09 21:35

:cln: Thanks! I have been waiting for these! *downloads* I know exactly where I will use some of them :whi:

McRaider 27-03-09 21:44

Thanks a lot MyRaider4life !!

larafan25 27-03-09 22:52


thanks a bunch!:)

ggctuk 02-05-09 18:38

Hey, anything else? What you got so far is great, but the rest should be posted.

TR cheatfinder 02-05-09 21:38

Thanks, MyRaider4Life!

KurtisandLara 02-05-09 22:28

:yik: bri-li-ant!
Thank you :hug:

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