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Lukass 16-01-12 22:25

IDK then :-/

larafan25 16-01-12 22:28


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 5921789)
It definitely appears that way. To be honest I can't see why more wetness and more wind would make her hair separate into strands. Hair is supposed to do that in the wind anyway, dry or not.

I doubt she is completely dry after a few minutes of being out of the water. Besides, when you're on a beach with blowing wind, long hair doesn't stay clumped like that.

But this is a game.

In one shot it's dry out, and the other it's raining.

I see how one shots looks like she has more thinner strands. Perhaps the texture on the strands of hair has been made to look like it has more strands or something. But I still think the screens are taken from the same time with no remarkable improvements being made.

JsotoTRSaga 16-01-12 22:45


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 5921757)
^Weren't all of the screenshots from the same build?.

Well if u look at the screenshots that are taken outside the Cave they have different Graphics they have been working in the graphics, If u compare the first Screenshots released in January and the ones released after E3 they are Hell way different in many Points and they look better i Love Lara's Hair when it's wet u should look at the pics i was trying to put them in here but My Internet connection has been incredibly Slow lately :( the page didn't Load :/

Lukass 16-01-12 22:46

We definitely got screenshots from different developing stages. Look at her hair and also her shirt hem. I mean all the textures not just hair and the shirt. Look at the bow holster (the belt)...there are no letters on the first screen, on the second they are there.


larafan25 16-01-12 22:50


I think the reason why some may think the larger exterior at the end of the E3 demo is graphically less than what we've seen in the leaked area is because CD would have polished up the interior spaces for the den, and less the giant exterior world. Whereas the E3 leaked demo takes place mainly outdoors so it makes sense for that area to be polished more than the other outdoor area which we see for less than a minute.

Also I do not think the above two screenshots are from different builds or models, I think textures have to load and that is the result.

Adrenaline 16-01-12 23:09

I just really hope her hair improves by alot.

Stevo505 16-01-12 23:14

Are you sure they're from the same time? Because some of those high res screens were released a while later..

larafan25 16-01-12 23:27


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 5921873)
Are you sure they're from the same time? Because some of those high res screens were released a while later..

Everything was pulled out of the "vault" later. And only one of those screens was new to people, the others had been used in magazines and had been viewed by us as low res scans.

I also remember someone mentioning that it's all from the same build.

Although in the leaked demo Lara's hair seems more feathery and light than in the E3 den demo in which it feels clumpy and heavy.

Adrenaline 16-01-12 23:42

I do wonder why her hair looks different in everything? The screenshots, the concept, the wallpaper... Why so different? What is going on with her hair?!!?!? LOL?

lcroft_lc 17-01-12 01:03


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 5921750)
Her hair is probably looking fantastic by now.. :D

Her hair should already be like as we saw in the CGI trailer. :jmp:

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