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Greenapple968 13-05-21 11:48

Something Interesting In Temple Of Xian
Near the end of Temple Of Xian there's that large area with the lava. I'm talking about this place: https://youtu.be/AqTGTNln7zc?t=75

When I was playing TR2 there was an incident where I fell into the lava and assumed that I would die. However, the lava didn't affect me; I just stood in the lava and wasn't harmed by it. I think I was able to move through the lava as if it was water, and it wasn't until travelling a few steps before I then got killed. Unless this was some sort of glitch, I'm thinking that this patch of lava isn't dangerous, much like how there are a few patches within the raging waters in TR3's Madubu Gorge that don't harm you and can be stood on. The annoying thing is that I can't remember whereabouts this patch of water was, but I just wanted to point this out as there could be other safe patches within the lava. There probably isn't much use for this but thought I'd share it as I did find it interesting.

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