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TheTiger 02-05-12 13:20

Thanks. :hug::o

Level NextGen 03-05-12 20:03

Ahahahaahaaaaaa :yik:

Speechless *as everytime*

NB: nope wasn't Lady Gaga :pi:

larafan25 03-05-12 21:00


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 6139520)
Those are freaking beautiful. I love the contrast between the brown dust and the blue water!

It looks old, but beautiful and mesmerizing, like some of the ruins in FF12 to me.


Originally Posted by bagas (Post 6140630)
oooh remind me of stilshrine of miriam in ff12 :jmp:

That was the place! :D

MaskedRaider 05-05-12 15:53


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 6139520)
Those are freaking beautiful. I love the contrast between the brown dust and the blue water!

Hit the nail on the head - you have such a knack for colour as a builder, which isn't something many have.

teme9 05-05-12 15:56

Looks wonderful :tmb: the lightning and athmospere is really gentle and warm :D

Peanut 05-05-12 16:10

It looks very beautiful, I love the atmosphere, The dusty look to it. Very well done. :tmb:

TheTiger 05-05-12 16:49

Still active?! :cln:
Thank you all so much! :hug:

TheTiger 23-05-12 12:59

Well, here's an update, but nothing to show actually.
Both good and bad news;

Exams went well, and i only have Biology left, and a whole summer to lie on the beach and create my levels for this project!

As you all know i have been working on Many Worlds One Sky for a very long time now, almost 1,5 years. And it all started with the Dreamtime swamps, which got so huge that i had to split it due to some error not being able to press ctrl. If i did press ctrl, my whole computer crashed. The only way to solve this was to reduce the amount of rooms and split the level in pieces.
This was not possible since it was one huge open world area, that i got demotivated and thanks to that i canceled the level. But now that sandfalls reached almost double the size of that, the bug started to show up, and i have to split it, but i'm so happy that it is possible this time! So that actually means, that Sandfalls is now splitted into 3 interconnected levels, which you can all enter whenever you want. With this, also raising the amount of levels for Many Worlds One Sky to 7 levels.

But there's even more, i came to the conclusion that i will merge part 1 and part 2 of Many Worlds one Sky together, making the whole game the length of 11 levels; That means, a longer solid game for you guys and one cliffhanger in the story less. :D

A new thread will be coming up soon too. the game isn't about Lara anymore, and since Titak can't edit threadnames anymore, i would have to make a new thread, so stay tuned for the new thread and more information during the hollidays! :cln:

Raider99 23-05-12 13:06


klona 23-05-12 13:24

^ She can, but I think she can do it every 24 hours... I think.

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