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NoahCrofRaider 27-04-18 17:29


Originally Posted by FanosCroft (Post 7865627)
How much time till the live stream?

I don't know. I was actually asking previously.

Originally Posted by OrangeJuice (Post 7865628)
let it go sis
the website literally says the gameplay reveal will be at e3

I wish I could. Either way, today's been a FANTASTIC day with all the other stuff we got and heard imo, so we'll see. And I'm sorry if I'm unintentionally raising people's expectations and hopes, this is just something I thought could happen.

VictorXD 27-04-18 17:29

We have never leakers as much as we need one today.

Where are the leaks?!?! GET TO WORK PEOPLE :(

Revenge 27-04-18 17:32

Wait so we're not going to get any gameplay ??

Holy moly the announcement of this game so far has just been a rollercoaster of emotions. Don't know if my little heart can handle all that xD

VictorXD 27-04-18 17:34

^ In the words of classic Lara: No.

JsotoTRSaga 27-04-18 17:34


Originally Posted by Lukass (Post 7865613)
I remember many sites mentioning that there will be gameplay today.

Me too and it is disappointing we did not get any.

I mean, where is it? Was that it?

Or at least a gameplay trailer, not some lame CGI.


Nevertheless I am happy we finally know what the game looks like bc of the screenshots and some of the themes and we have heard lots of interesting stuff too.

That said I can not say I am very hyped, but I will make my final judgement once I see the game in motion.

WWETombRaider 27-04-18 17:36

Magazine reveals, screenshots, pic from reveal events, CGI trailer, game editions reveal, box art and preorder announcements. Later we're getting the panel.

I don't think we're getting gameplay demo just yet. That's all for E3.

Stevo505 27-04-18 17:36

I can’t with some of these reviewers lmao. Someone tried to drag Lara for cultural appropriation because she’s wearing a poncho and can’t speak Spanish.

WWETombRaider 27-04-18 17:42


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 7865666)
Someone tried to drag Lara for cultural appropriation because she’s wearing a poncho and can’t speak Spanish.


NoahCrofRaider 27-04-18 17:43

I hesitate to say anything, but the Tribeca livestream starts 4pm ET for those wondering. So, in 2 hours and 25 minutes approximately.

Skye1288 27-04-18 17:48

On Tribeca site you still can get tickets to see Shadow (for free). This is so stupid...

Anyone who lives near Tribeca Festival can go to see the gameplay.......
At least the three others events was only for press...
It makes no sense that everyone could go see the gameplay but they won't show any gameplay till E3.

I AM STILL MAD!!! :mad::mad::cen::cen:

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