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Domino 08-06-08 12:10

Oh my god, these pictures rule. I especially love Zebra's Underpus-Lara.

Cog 08-06-08 12:32


Originally Posted by lita212
it will probs grab us and throw us about with its testicles

Fixed. It takes only one letter to make the game ten times scarier.

Rexie 08-06-08 12:37


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 2761598)
Not a player of FF7? :p

Sephiroth in the flames is an iconic image, and I thought I'd parody it with the 'pus :D


that scene with that music always freaked me out...

jagged halo 08-06-08 12:59

Great pictures, everyone :p

kryptonite23 08-06-08 13:04


Originally Posted by touchthesky (Post 2757180)
It's too cute to kill!

I agree :D

I will have a nice time killing it :D

Rexie 08-06-08 13:24

suprised no one did this:

Atlantisfreak666 08-06-08 13:44

Best thread ever!

VonCroy360 08-06-08 13:52

Any chance these are getting posted on

Love them all. :vlol: :D

kryptonite23 08-06-08 13:55

I just saw all the pics :D
Lol :vlol:

lita212 08-06-08 13:55


Originally Posted by Cog (Post 2761776)
Fixed. It takes only one letter to make the game ten times scarier.

why did u quote me with a quote i never wrote?

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