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ThirteenCroft 23-11-20 16:45

Finally we're getting something new in 2 years omggg, I'm so excited :jmp:

Tombraider95 23-11-20 16:45


The title... yes.

The Art style... yes.

The classic sounds.... yes.

A mobile game... :pi: Whyyy

Is it at least like Lara Croft Go I hope?

Tomb Raidering 23-11-20 16:46


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8254744)
So Square Enix London as a mobile team. Don't forget Lara Croft Go 2, just saying. :innocent:

We will never forget.

bekim 23-11-20 16:46

Thats the cutesssstttttt omggg. I effing screamed when i saw the post omg

Zebra 23-11-20 16:47


Originally Posted by Vaskito (Post 8254724)
This might be the beginning of the 25 year celebration, me thinks!

I'd love if this is a remake of TR1 stlylized in that way shown in the trailer!

More likely, it'll be the only big thing we're getting for the anniversary. Trailer is alright but I'll reserve judgement until after they've shown some gameplay. In any case, if it's a proper game (and not something like Relic Run), I do hope that it'll end up on other platforms, as well.

Strayyy_ 23-11-20 16:47

Well, I certainly love the style, and it seems Classic Lara is back sooo yay! :jmp::jmp::jmp::jmp:

Tomb Raidering 23-11-20 16:47


Originally Posted by Tombraider95 (Post 8254747)
Is it at least like Lara Croft Go I hope?

Maybe they’ll port it to consoles and PC later on, nothing’s confirmed yet. They ported GO to PS4 and PS Vita after all.

Lara_Fan1 23-11-20 16:49

Could this be Tomb Raider: Ultimate Experience just with a different name?

Gian Carlo 23-11-20 16:49

Welp, at least it’s classic Lara.

Mikky 23-11-20 16:49

It's free-to-play. Damn. So it's not even going to be a real game, probably just one of those "buy more jewels to progress" grinds. I was hoping for an full adventure game at least.

But at the very least, this is the first solid piece of evidence they're bring back the classic iconography, one way or another. We could very well get a separate full-on console game too.

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